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Honda win ‘Grand Prix’

Not a real Grand Prix, of course, but the top prize in the Green Awards that go to companies who promote sustainability. Honda’s Earth Car livery was intended to raise public awareness of climate change. Unfortunately the car will also be remembered as disastrously un-competitive, the team scoring six points compared to last year’s haul […]

Debate: Most impressive moments in 2007

The F1 Fanatic 2007 season review is underway and will run for the next few weeks. The review will end with rankings for each driver but first I want your input on what impressed you most this year. Who did the best pass? The best qualifying lap? The best race? Remember this isn’t just about […]

F1 07 review: The best of years?

It was the best of seasons, it was the worst of seasons. We watched a gripping championship battle with three drivers fighting until the final race. The championship lead swapped hands at the finale, and the victor overcame a 17-point deficit to win in the last two races. We endured a string of shockingly poor […]

“Formula One 1975: Lauda and Ferrari No. 1″ (DVD)

The sixth DVD in the Brunswick films collection tells the story of the odd 1975 season. Niki Lauda triumphed in a year that saw a spate of wet races and two events cut to half distance. As ever the DVD is rich with fascinating material and the only problem is that there isn’t more of […]

20 day wait for Raikkonen’s title confirmation


The watching world will have to endure a 20 day wait to learn whether Kimi Raikkonen really has won the 2007 world drivers’ championship.

F1 in the news 56: Jackie Stewart interview

I interviewed Sir Jackie Stewart for Auto Trader this week – read the full article below. Also in the F1 news Michael Schumacher took the Ferrari F2007 for a spin, Christian Klien and Vitaly Petrov are after 2008 seats, and Bernie Ecclestone still wants a Grand Prix of London…

The Ben Evans column: Passion fading

Part of my Motorsport-loving self died on Monday It had been on life-support for a lot of 2007, but on Monday morning it finally popped its clogs and departed. Unlike 10.4m other Brits I actually missed the Brazilian GP as I was at Brands Hatch making my annual pilgrimage to the Formula Ford Festival, so […]

Hamilton did not admit causing car failure in Brazil

The journalist who claimed Lewis Hamilton admitted causing his gearbox failure in Sunday’s race has admitted he invented the quote. Luc Domenjoz of Canadian newspaper La Presse said: “My mistake was using a quote by Lewis when I did not talk to him myself. I had other verifiable information and I stand by my report, […]

What if…

With just one point separating three drivers at the end of the season, the two that lost will be cursing the twists of fortune that cost them the points that would have made them champion. While Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso may rue their misfortunes, Kimi Raikkonen will be relieved that his brushes with chance […]

When will we see them again?

The future of Fernando Alonso is expected to become clear in the next two weeks. And if, as is widely expected, he does leave for McLaren, the shockwaves will be felt up and down the pit lane. Indeed several drivers may already have started the last races of their careers. Here are the big names […]