The Ben Evans column: 2008 in review

Drivers, racing, politics, penalties and economics – Ben Evans surveys them all in his verdict on 2008. The final five minutes of the 2008 Grand Prix season were as an exciting few moments as the sport has ever seen, with the destiny of the world championship changing hands three times in as many laps. For […]

2009 Formula 1 testing pictures part 3


2009 F1 testing continued at the Circuit de Catalunya today. There weren’t many interesting new car parts to observe so here’s an arty shot of a Force India in the autumnal sunshine. Lots more pictures from testing below, including Bruno Senna getting another test in the Honda.

F1 on BBC iPlayer in 2009

But foreign users will be blocked

2008 F1 drivers rankings part 1

Who was the best driver of 2008? Who failed to perform? Did the best man win the world championship? Over the next three days I’m going to be rating and ranking the drivers of 2008, using your suggestions and ideas from the thread on the F1 Fanatic forum (which is still open for last-minute submissions). […]

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Mark Webber’s 2008 season: an analysis

Guest writer Andrew Tsvyk turns his analytical eye on Mark Webber’s performance at Red Bull in 2008 – and asks how he might fare alongside Sebastian Vettel in 2009. Mark Webber is an enigma for me. The Australian has outclassed every team-mate fate threw at him during his tenure in Formula 1 but, nevertheless, failed […]

2009 Formula 1 testing pictures part 2


More pictures from 2009 F1 testing at the Circuit de Cataluna below. Today Pedro de la Rosa sampled a Force India, with rumours suggesting he might join the team next year. Interestingly, the car was still equipped with a Ferrari engine, potentially giving McLaren a chance to gain useful information on their rival’s engines. Also […]

The worst moments of 2008

What was the worst moment of the 2008 F1 season? Here are my least favourite moments of 2008, many of which were suggested by contributors on the F1 Fanatic forum.

The teams: Ferrari (F1 2008)

Ferrari won yet another constructors? championship in 2008, to the surprise of exactly no-one. Since 1999, they?ve only failed to win the title on two occasions, when Renault interrupted them from 2005-6. What was fascinating about Ferrari this year was the shift in the balance of power between their drivers, with Felipe Massa taking over […]

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