How new engine rules will affect strategy

Ferrari’s Stefano Domenicali has been talking about the changes to the F1 engine rules for 2009. Gone are the days of teams using one engine for each two consecutive rounds. The 2009 system is more complex: it could face some teams with challenging questions – especially at the end of the season – and it […]

F1 links: Schumacher on Silverstone ’99

Michael Schumacher speaks of near-death experience at Silverstone ‘The seven-time F1 champion, who retired at the end of the 2006 season, crashed at the high-speed Stowe Corner at Silverstone. ??I suddenly felt my heart beat slowing and then completely stopping. The lights went out,?? Schumacher said ??Then I thought, ‘Ah, that?s the way you feel […]

Ferrari and BMW?s clash over KERS could signal a threat to FOTA unity

The first fault line has opened in what so far has been the impressively solid unity of the Formula 1 Teams? Association. Speaking at Ferrari?s annual press skiing event, Stefano Domenicali complained that BMW had vetoed the efforts of the other teams to postpone the introduction of Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS) for 2009 due […]

Are pre-season F1 testing times any use in predicting form for 2009?

With the launch of Ferrari?s F60 on Monday and the Toyota TF109 and McLaren MP4/24 to follow before the week is out, we?ll get our first impressions of 2009 F1 cars side-by-side very soon. But how much can we really tell about how good the new cars are from watching testing? Would we all be […]

F1 links: few options for Bourdais

Another door closes for Bourdais "Sebastien Bourdais has one fewer options open to him if he does not get another year with Scuderia Toro Rosso." Will 2009 Be The First Time Only One Briton Competes? "We are still awaiting for Scuderia Toro Rosso to fill their final seat, and Jenson Button may still make it […]

F60: another name change for Ferrari

Ferrari’s new 2009 F1 car launched yesterday may mark another change in the team’s somewhat esoteric approach to naming its cars. Here’s a brief guide to how Ferrari have named their F1 cars from 1950 to 2009.

Is this Force India?s 2009 livery?

Anirudh spotted this picture of Force India?s 2009 official calendar on their website. The car in each of the pictures isn?t in the team?s 2008 colours: a bright flash of green on the front has replaced the red of last year. The colours are much closer to the flag of India. Is this, as Anirudh […]

Ferrari F60 launched at Mugello – pictures & video (2009 F1 car launches)


Ferrari has launched its 2009 F1 car at Mugello. The F60 is the first Formula 1 car for the new season to break cover. More high-resolution pictures of the new car below. Update: Pictures of the F60’s first test and launch video added.

Ferrari F2009 launch – what we know

Ferrari launches its 2009 F1 car, likely to be called the F2009, in Mugello later on today. Here’s what we already know about the car which Ferrari will defend their back-to-back 2007 and 2008 constructors’ championship titles with, and the state of the team going into 2009.

F1 links: Davidson was set for Honda

David Coulthard exclusive "We’re seeing a vast change in the regulations. The last time we had such a big change was 1998 when we went to narrow track cars with the grooved tyres and it was Adrian Newey’s design team that stole the march on the new regs back then so this could well be […]

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