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ITV lying about Lewis

ITV’s introduction to the Canadian Grand Prix qualifying seriously misrepresented the reality of McLaren’s Monaco Grand Prix strategy. The British media kicked up a stink after the Monaco race insisting that McLaren had deliberately ordered Lewis Hamilton to stay behind Fernando Alonso. The truth about the scenario emerged over a week ago. But ITV’s opening […]

F1 in the blogs 31: Place your bets

Want to win money betting on F1? Gamble on the safety car… That’s the topic of our Post of the Week and there’s stacks more reading in our weekly F1 blogs digest. There’s infamous Montreal marbles, Jarno Trulli’s one-off crash helmet, Scott Speed returning to his racing roots and more.

Have you been to the Canadian Grand Prix?

We’re looking for Grand Prix fans who’ve been to the Canadian Grand Prix at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve to tell us about their experiences. Plus, read the comments of other people who’ve been to the Canadian Grand Prix. Related links Share your experiences of being at the Canadian Grand Prix Share your experiences of visiting […]

F1 in the news 38: ‘Greatest’ drivers

AOL put some downright weird choices into their ’50 greatest drivers’ list – check it out below. Plus the first major interview with Lewis Hamilton and Mario Andretti previews the United States Grand Prix.

“Motorsport should be banned” – a rebuttal

I am regularly delighted with the quality of comment on F1 Fanatic. I am regularly dismayed by the quality of comment on motor racing in most newspapers. “Motorsport should be banned”, printed in Monday’s edition of The Herald is a good example. It is a stunningly ignorant hatchet job on the sport I love best. […]

Debate: The best ITV F1 title theme tune

A light-hearted debate this afternoon, I thought. ITV have been bringing F1 races to us in Britain live for over a decade. From the original funky Jamiroquai theme, to the Bachman Turner Overdrive remix, to today’s Moby tune, which is the best? Check out the videos below and pick your favourite.

1979 Canadian Grand Prix flashback

Gilles Villeneuve won his first ever Grand Prix at his home race in 1978. It was the first time the Canadian Grand Prix was held at the Montreal circuit. A year later he returned hoping to win again in front of his home crowd, having lost the World Championship battle to Ferrari team mate Jody […]

F1 at Goodwood 2007

It’s almost time for the Goodwood Festival of Speed and as ever there will be a host of F1 cars and drivers present. All four of Britain’s current F1 racers will be present plus a host of Formula 1 cars. Here’s a taster of what you can see this year:

Banned! Ground effect

The last in our series looking at F1 technologies that were banned looks at one innovation that the governing body were surely right to get rid of. Indeed, had they stepped in more quickly to rid the sport of ground effect cars, a series of terrifying crashes might have been avoided – and lives might […]

Switzerland ends 52-year motor sport ban

Switzerland’s parliament has voted to end the country’s ban on motor racing. It was outlawed in 1955 following the crash in that year’s Le Mans 24 Hours that killed over 80 spectators along with Mercedes driver Pierre Levegh. Time trials have been the only legal form of motor sport since 1955. Five world championship Swiss […]