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F1Fanatic hits 2,000 posts

F1Fanatic has hit the 2,000 posts mark! Actually I went past it the other day – this was the 2,000th post. If you want to look back at the articles stretching back over three year’s worth material then have a look at the new F1Fanatic Archive. I’ve also started a section to collect the various […]

ITV F1 wins BAFTA award for race coverage that viewers complained about

ITV has won a BAFTA award for covering the 2007 Canadian Grand Prix – a broadcast that so many viewers complained about it was forced to issue an apology. Lewis Hamilton won his maiden Grand Prix victory in the race which also saw Robert Kubica’s massive crash. Despite it being one of the most action-packed […]

Video: Funny F1 moments


And now for something completely different. It’s Sunday afternoon and, as a break from the story we’re all a bit sick of, here’s a selection of some of my favourite funny F1 moments – featuring Nigel Mansell, Mika Hakkinen, Michael Schumacher, and everyone’s favourite F1 comedy double act: Nelson Piquet and Eliseo Salazar.

Mosley gives a weak defence

Max Mosley has given an interview to the Sunday Telegraph – whose F1 correspondent Kevin Garside was just about the only journalist to stick up for the FIA President following the sex scandal story in the News of the World. Mosley made his position on the matter quite clear: I think what happens is they […]

Webber and Porsche criticise Mosley

Two new names have joined the chorus of criticism of Max Mosley – Red Bull driver Mark Webber, and Porsche. Webber’s remarks to the BBC are pretty much as strong as any current driver has dared to make. And Porsche has used the scandal to justify their continued non-participation in a sport that boasts several […]

Rubens Barrichello wants 300 GP starts

Rubens Barrichello will soon become the F1 driver to have started the most races but he’s told the media he wants to go on much longer: It is no secret that my contract expires at the end of the year. I want to extend it, because I think that with Ross Brawn a new and […]

F1 blogs review: South African stars

It’s been way too long since I last did a round-up of what’s been keeping me entertained on the F1 blogs. Here are some of the highlights from this week:

Which Schumacher title was the best?

Michael Schumacher was back at the wheel of an F1 car this week. But sadly it seems we will not see him return to the track to take on Kimi Raikkonen in a Ferrari, and square up against new talent like Lewis Hamilton and Robert Kubica. He’s probably done enough winning in F1 and that […]

Video: How drivers react to big crashes


Sebastien Bourdais had a big crash in testing at Barcelona on Wednesday. Happily he was unhurt but he may have dealt a blow to his standing in the team if the damage to the new STR3 forces the team to delay its introduction. Major crashes can affect F1 drivers in different ways. Even though drivers […]

2008 F1 testing round-up 11: Catalunya

The first official test since the start of the season ended at Barcelona today. The four-day test threw up some confusing times as some drivers tried out slick tyres for next year while others stayed on grooves, and today’s running was spoiled by rain. They will be back at the track in just eight days […]