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2010 Donington Park F1 track revealed

Donington Park has revealed details of the changes it will make in advance of it holding the 2010 British Grand Prix. When the deal to take the British Grand Prix from Silverstone to Donington Park was announced early in July one of the circuit owners remarked: “If I touch anything from Redgate to MacLeans I?ll […]

Belgian GP history 1992-2007 (Video)


This is the final instalment of Journeyer’s three-part guide to the history of the Belgian Grand Prix. In recent times, the Belgian Grand Prix has become one of the favourite races of teams and fans alike. But that doesn’t seem to have saved this race from trouble. Twice it was dropped from the calendar, and […]

Belgian GP 2008 predictions

Who to back for the Belgian Grand Prix? Felipe Massa’s the form man at the moment but Kimi Raikkonen is superb around Spa. Ferrari reckon the harder tyres being used at Spa this year could hand an advantage to McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen. The BMW pair will be poised to capitalise on any […]

Who will drive for Ferrari next?

Doctorvee writes the F1 blog Vee8, helps moderate the F1 Fanatic Live Blogs and has written many comment for F1 Fanatic. In this guest article he asks whether Ferrari are happy with their current drivers – and who might replace them. I just can’t get over the way this championship has unfolded. Maybe I was […]

Belgian GP history 1979-1991 (Video)


Journeyer continues his three-part history of the Belgian Grand prix which began yesterday. The 1980s brought much change to the grid. Gilles Villeneuve was the undisputed star of the early ’80s, but Belgium was where it would all come to an end for him. On the other hand, Belgium also saw a new master in […]

F1 in America: the ballpark experiment

American F1 fan Gerard is a regular contributor to the comments here as Gman. In his first guest article for F1 Fanatic he investigates how many of his fellow Americans recognised his F1 gear – in New York’s home of baseball, the Yankee Stadium. Many of you who are regular visitors to this blog have […]

Belgian GP history 1954-1978 (video)


The Belgian Grand Prix is one of the most historic rounds on the Formula 1 calendar. Guest writer Journeyer surveys the history of the race, accompanied by a series of videos, in a three-art series starting today. The Belgian Grand Prix is race with a rich and storied history. Those said to be the best […]

Lewis Hamilton: the driver debates

Lewis Hamilton is the new Michael Schumacher. I don’t necessarily mean he’s as complete an F1 driver – but he’s already as controversial. No other active F1 driver excites such polar opposites of emotions and opinions. A glance at some of the biggest debates we?ve had on this site makes that clear (have a look […]

Kimi Raikkonen to win four in a row at Spa? (2008 Belgian Grand Prix preview)

Kimi Raikkonen hasn’t lost a Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps since 2002. If he wins this year, he’ll match the achievements of Ayrton Senna and Jim Clark in winning four times in a row at Spa in F1. But he also hasn’t won a race since the Spanish Grand Prix in April. One of those streaks […]

Ferraris in pictures: 2001 to 2008

I?m trying out a new section of the site where I’m putting together pictures of every F1 car from each season. It’s not a project that’s going to be finished overnight but I’ve made a start by adding eight years of pictures of F1?s oldest and most historic team: Ferrari. The first batch covers the […]