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FOM makes Youtube remove Kubica crash videos

Twenty four hours after Robert Kubica’s shocking crash in the Canadian Grand Prix, Formula One Management forced YouTube to remove video footage of the Pole’s miraculous escape. FOM are entirely legally correct to pursue copyright infringement. But it doesn’t stop it from being a futile waste of time and resources. I fail to see how […]

Silverstone and David Cameron

The British Grand Prix is under threat. It doesn’t matter how successful Lewis Hamilton is, how well the other three British drivers or, or even that most of the F1 teams are based in Britain: If Bernie Ecclestone doesn’t get his money, it’s game over. Ecclestone wants the British government to put up some cash […]

What the papers said: Hamilton’s first win

Say what you like about Lewis Hamilton – it’s a joy to see the morning’s newspapers bursting with Formula 1 coverage. And some of it isn’t scream-till-you’re-hoarse hyperbole – there are some great pieces, especially in The Times and The Guardian. What a contrast it makes with the trash that was written after Monaco. Here […]

Debate: Was that a good race?

Was the Canadian Grand Prix a good example of how F1 racing should be? There were crashes galore, confusing safety car rules that put the faster drivers in among the minor men, and a fair bit of overtaking. But should F1 be resorting to ‘gimmicky’ rules to spice up the show? Perhaps you thought the […]

Canadian Grand Prix 2007 facts & statistics

Lewis Hamilton’s maiden F1 pole position and victory were the headlines of the Canadian Grand Prix weekend. But how many other drivers triumphed in their debut seasons? Can Hamilton beat the record for most wins in his first year? Find out…

Kubica escapes injury in violent crash

Robert Kubica astonishingly escaped his violent crash in the Canadian Grand Prix without serious injury. But the shocking accident on lap 27 of the Canadian Grand Prix could very nearly have had much more serious consequences. As the video below shows Kubica’s car ran wide on the fast, curved approach to the Virage du Casino […]

Champ Car Portland: Bourdais gets NHL’s 100th win

Sebastien Bourdais put in a typically consummate performance to win the Grand Prix of Portland and give the Newman-Haas-Lanigan team its 100th Champ Car victory. Justin Wilson made the early running, scorching ahead of the pack, but Bourdais reeled him in with relentless pace and ultimately made the win look easy.

New safety car rules catch teams out

The Canadian Grand Prix brought the first test of F1′s new Champ Car-style safety car rules. The result? Two ten second penalties, two disqualifications, and several drivers unhappy with ruined races. Fernando Alonso and Nico Rosberg both pitted as the safety car came out for the first time. Their teams insisted they did not have […]

Hamilton wins amid Canada carnage

2007 Canadian Grand Prix review

Lewis Hamilton’s maiden F1 victory was a triumph of maturity and mastery over changing conditions in a complex race.

Murray Walker to make BBC F1 commentary return?

Murray Walker has been tipped to front the BBC’s coverage of the European Grand Prix at the N??rburgring this year on Radio 5 Live. Regular commentator David Croft is expected to be away. The veteran commentator ended his full-time commentating career in 2001 at the United States Grand Prix. Since then he has commentated on […]