40 ways to survive the off-season p2/4

How are you coping with the F1 off-season? Here’s ten more ways to get through the months ahead.

Hamilton & McLaren celebrate (Pictures)


McLaren: not the pit lane’s party animals. But they let their (crew cut) hair down to celebrate Lewis Hamilton’s world championship title. Here’s a selection of pictures from Hamilton’s triumphant return to the McLaren Technology Centre.

Links: No save for British GP

Hamilton’s title doesn’t guarantee race

John Beamer?s tech review: Interlagos

Guest writer John Beamer of F1 Pitlane takes a final look at technical changes on the cars of 2008. The denouement of the Formula 1 season was certainly spectacular. As a story, the emotional roller-coaster and intense human drama of Interlagos easily eclipsed the technical innovation.

40 ways to survive the off-season p1/4

It might not be today, it might not be tomorrow. But at some point the off-season is going to start to drag, and you’ll be missing missing that fortnightly shot of spectacle, tension, and frenetic live blogging. I got your F1 Methadone – here’s the first of 40 ways to get a mild F1 fix […]

FIA to provide video evidence and improve stewarding of incidents in 2009

The FIA is to introduce a series of changes to how its rules are enforced during F1 weekends. In a significant change the FIA will ensure all video evidence relating to controversial moments is made available to the public via its and FOM’s websites. It did so following the questionable penalties given to Lewis Hamilton, […]

Alonso and Piquet Jnr confirmed at Renault for 2009

Fernando Alonso has committed his future to Renault, ending speculation over a possible move to Ferrari.

2009 F1 calendar shortened

The FIA has published an updated 2009 F1 calendar. The Chinese Grand Prix is now the third round instead of the 15th, and will be held in April. This means F1 will have visited the circuit twice within seven months, and next year’s Grand Prix may see different climactic conditions to what we have been […]

F1 2009: 10 questions for the off-season

As the 2008 F1 season ends on a high we now look forward to what should be one of the most fascinating off-seasons for many years. With radical changes to the technical rules, fraught political tension between the rule-makers and the teams, and two holes suddenly appearing in the calendar, these are the questions that […]

We’re gonna need a montage: A collection of F1 season reviews (Video)


The art of the F1 season review video montage: the most dramatic action, clever editing, and above all, a well-chosen song. Who does it best? Here’s a selection of F1 video montages from 1989 to 2008. Watch them below, and link to more of your favourites in the comments.