Are you going to the Australian Grand Prix?

I?ve already seen in the comments to other articles that several of you are going to be in Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix this weekend. I?m very jealous of all of you! If you?re going to be at Albert Park for this weekend?s F1 race, please leave a comment below and we?ll find out […]

F1 links: Lewis Hamilton does the rounds

Hamilton: 'A huge weight has been lifted and I can start to enjoy it' – Motor Racing, Sport – The Independent Lewis Hamilton: "Not so much has really changed, except for the appearance of the car. It looks a lot different, but in general the car feels very much the same. Obviously, you notice the […]

FIA to cut licence fees – but by how much?

The F1 drivers’ superlicence fee row appeared to end in defeat for the drivers as they agreed to pay the FIA’s higher fee structure – which increased revenue to the FIA five-fold. However the sports governing body has now indicated it will cut the fees in 2010, but not said how much they will come […]

F1 2009: Quick pre-season guide

After months of waiting the 2009 F1 season finally gets going this weekend. For those of you just catching up with all the changes for 2009 here’s a quick guide to the teams, the drivers, the tracks, the rules and the technology. Packing in more than 50 separate articles, this is everything you need to […]

F1 2009 Technology: Rear wings, diffusers – and the inevitable controversy

As we head into the first race of 2009 a row is brewing over the diffusers used by Toyota, Williams and Brawn GP. F1 Fanatic guest writer John Beamer takes a look at the diffuser row and offers his thoughts on what’s gone wrong at McLaren. Hands up who finds that rear wing attractive? Uh… […]

F1 links: Dan Gurney at Riverside

Riverside International Raceway Legends of Riverside Film Festival and Gala Dan Gurney is attending the show later this week at Riverside, which held one F1 race in 1960. Reflections on Kazuki Nakajima "Kazuki has done rather well in his first year in the game, considering the premature nature of his arrival. An important clue to […]

Australian Grand Prix weather forecast

New cars, new rules – there are plenty of unknowns heading into the first race of 2009, but it looks like the weather won’t be one of them. The Australian Grand Prix is expected to see three days of dry weather. Melbourne will experience temperatures in the low 20s (C) each day according to the […]

Audi wins Sebring – will it ever enter F1?

Audi’s staggering domination of international sports car racing continued this weekend as its new R15 won its first race in the Sebring 12 Hours. Audi has systematically crushed its sports car rivals around the world this decade. The Sebring event has fallen to Audi nine times in the last ten years. They’ve won prestigious Le […]

F1 2009: New rules at a glance

The 2009 season sees the introduction of the most radical new rules to hit F1 in a generation. Here’s a quick guide to the major changes in the sporting and technical rules, including some potentially significant tweaks which haven’t had much attention.

F1 links: Hamilton on Senna and Schumacher

British F1 ace Lewis Hamilton begins the defence of his crown Lewis Hamilton: “People say, ‘Do you want to do what Michael Schumacher’s done?’ He’s achieved an incredible amount, but I am not here to break Michael’s or Ayrton’s records. I’ve always said since I was a kid that I would love to be an […]

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