F1 circuits history part 3: 1954-7

The third part of the guide to Formula 1 circuits includes the longest track ever used for an F1 race – and no it’s not the Nurburgring. Plus the former site of the British Grand Prix that is now home to horse racing, and the fearsome Monza oval.

Ferrari reveal their 2008 F1 car: the F2008

The wraps have come off Ferrari’s new car for the 2008 season – the machine in which Kimi Raikkonen will defend his drivers’ championship crown. It’s good to see they’re retained the darker red they started using part-way through the 2007 season. I much prefer it to the bright red they used before then. See […]

F1 circuits history part 2: 1951-3

The second part of the guide to F1 circuits includes the infamous Nurburgring Nordschleife, and the home of the Dutch Grand Prix. It also includes the circuit at Buenos Aires where hundreds of thousands flocked to watch arguably the world championship’s first great – Juan Manuel Fangio.

F1 blogs review: Auf wiedersehen Ralf

Several F1 bloggers picked up on the departure of Ralf Schumacher from Formula 1 this week. And as usual he didn’t get a very sympathetic farewell… Others criticised the stance of some drivers against the traction control ban, who said it might make racing in the wet too dangerous. Read the weekly round-up of the […]

F1 circuits history part 1: 1950

Starting today is the first in a new series looking at how Formula 1 circuits have changed since the world championship started in 1950. From the days of 14-mile monsters like the Nurburgring to today’s computer-designed autodromes in exotic venues like Shanghai, the evolution of F1 circuits reveals how the sport has expanded beyond its […]

F1 news review: Traction control debate

In the F1 news this week there are fresh concerns over the banning of traction control this year. Plus more reviews of 2007 and more debate over who was the best driver of the year – which invariably boils down to a discussion about two drivers: Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen. All this and more […]

Alain Prost goes ice racing

I’ve always thought it strange that most motor racing stops during the winter – precisely when driving conditions are at their most challenging. There’s precious little motor racing action aside from A1 Grand Prix at this time of year. But happily the French ice racing championship Andros Trophy is underway – and four times F1 […]

New year’s resolutions for F1 drivers

Having made my usual new year’s resolutions (about drinking less coffee and spending less time on writing F1 Fanatic) I dreamt up a few resolutions I’d like F1 drivers and other figures to take. Here are 20 resolutions I thought up – suggest some of your own in the comments box below…

Super Aguri to keep Takuma Sato and Anthony Davidson?

There’s been little sign of what the future might hold for Super Aguri. But assuming they are on the grid this year it looks as though they will keep their 2007 line-up of Takuma Sato and Anthony Davidson, following remarks by managing director Daniele Audetto: He’s doing a fantastic job. I think Anthony is proving […]

Kimi Raikkonen ‘should be three-times champion’

You’d expect Kimi Raikkonen’s manager David Robertson to have a high opinion of his client but I thought his suggestion last month that Raikkonen should already be a three-timee champion was a bit much to take: Two championships have been taken away from Kimi. He would be the youngest champion ever without McLaren’s reliability issues. […]