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Video: F1 testing in Valencia and Jerez (part 2)


Here are some more videos of last week’s F1 test at Valencia where Ferrari, McLaren, Toyota, BMW, Renault, Honda, Red Bull and Williams had their 2008 cars. There’s also video from the earlier Jerez test with some nice shots of F1 cars travelling sideways in the wet. More of that in 2008 please…

IRL vs Champ Car: the end game?

It’s the time of year when the terrible state of open wheel racing in America makes everyone start to ask why the IRL and Champ Car can’t kiss and make up and form a unified series. Champ Car has lost Sebastien Bourdais to F1. His former team, Newman-Haas, is threatening to defect to the IRL […]

Pictures: Honda revises ‘Earth car’ livery for 2008 season


Honda have revealed they are sticking with their innovative ‘Earth Car’ livery for a second year in 2008. The RA108 features the familiar green and blue globe printed on last year’s car, but merged with Honda’s traditional colours of white and red. More pictures and high resolution versions below.

How much does an F1 driver cost? And why…

Max Mosley has approved increases in the cost of F1 drivers’ superlicences that will net the FIA an extra ??1.1m* (??818,000). F1 drivers have seen the cost of their licences increase by up to 479%. The top drivers will pay the most but it’s not as if they’re impoverished to begin with – Lewis Hamilton […]

Tom Rubython’s BusinessF1 becomes SportsPro (updated)

Undeterred by the failure of BusinessF1 and being embroiled in a number of lawsuits involving the likes of the FIA’s Richard Woods and the defunct Simtek team, the magazine’s former editor Tom Rubython has returned with a new publication: “SportsPro”. “SportsPro” has a decidedly similar look to “BusinessF1″ (see images right and below), but Rubython […]

How much F1 did ITV miss showing adverts in 2007?


ITV broadcast every round of the 2007 Formula 1 World Championship. But how much of the action was missed during advert breaks?

Video: Road cars with F1 engines

F1 video Video

The kind of technology transfer I like to see is where mechanics get mischievous and bolt howling F1 race engines into road-going cars.

Video: F1 testing in Valencia (part 1)


I came across a series of excellent videos covering last week’s F1 test in Valencia on Youtube today. The footage includes the debut appearances of two new 2008 F1 cars – the Williams-Toyota FW30 and Renault’s new R28, the latter driven by Fernando Alonso. See below for over half an hour of footage from the […]

Romain Grosjean dominates on GP2 Asia debut

GP2 Asia

New ART Grand Prix driver Romain Grosjean took a dominant double win in the first ever GP2 Asia round in Dubai.

The Massa delusion

First Kimi Raikkonen’s manager, now Felipe Massa is claiming unreliability has cost him a world championship: I think my countrymen understand that I would have been the 2007 World Champion if my car had been more reliable. Let’s get the calculators out and do some sums…