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If only Michael Schumacher had said this

Lewis Hamilton has given some interesting quotes to the press. What would I have given to hear Michael Schumacher say something like this a few years ago: I just like fairness and I want Heikki Kovalainen to have the exact same opportunities and if he does and I beat him, there’s the reward. I beat […]

F1 news review: Malaysia considers night race

F1 could have two races under floodlights in 2009 as the organisers of the Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang look at hiring the same company used for this year’s Singapore Grand Prix, which will be the first to be held at night. Elsewhere Nigel Stepney gets a new job, Max Mosley and Jackie Stewart continue […]

Ecclestone under pressure to set United States GP for 2009

This month’s issue of “The Paddock” sheds some light on last July’s negotiations between Bernie Ecclestone and Indianapolis Motor Speedway owner Tony George. The pair failed to reach an agreement for a 2008 race reportedly because they failed to agree a price. Ecclestone apparently demanded $10m more than George was willing to pay. According to […]

Max Mosley can’t stop talking about spygate

I enjoyed American political drama “The West Wing” very much before it was cancelled two years ago. I thought of it today, and how the president’s communications experts in the series would earnestly debate the implications of anything he said in public, when I read a new quote from Max Mosley. The same care and […]

F1′s new reason for cost cutting

Why cut costs in Formula 1? Is it to give the smaller teams a chance? To make sure it isn?t the team with the biggest wallet that always wins? Or is it to stop the car manufacturers from leaving the sport? F1 is faced with complaints that it is a frivolous, environmentally-unfriendly waste, as the […]

Formula 3000: a brief history (part 3)

The final instalment in our columnist Ben Evans’ look at the history of Formula 3000. In the 1990s the series briefly tasted success before grid numbers tailed off again. Although it could still occasionally provide great comedy moments and good racing, it was pensioned off at the end of 2004 to make way for GP2.

Video: BMW testing at Valencia


Here are two new videos of BMW testing their new F1.08 at Valencia. Robert Kubica is driving the car and you can clearly see him struggling to put the power down at the start of the second clip, as he wrestles with a car that has no traction control on a dusty track. You can […]

Formula 3000: a brief history (part 2)

Ben Evans continues his look back at the turbulent history of F1′s former feeder category, Formula 3000. Strange tracks and bad accidents dogged the sport in the late ’80s / early ’90s, but these were the years when Johnny Hebert and Jean Alesi made their way into F1 via F3000.

Williams reveal their 2008 F1 car: the FW30

Williams elected to launch its 2008 F1 car with zero fanfare. The new FW30 was rolled out at a foggy Valencia on Monday morning.

Formula 3000: A brief history (part 1)

Juan Pablo Montoya, Nick Heidfeld, Vitantonio Liuzzi – just three recent F1 drivers to have reached the sport through Formula 3000. The series lasted two decades from 1985 to 2004. In the first of a three part series F1Fanatic columnist Ben Evans looks at the rise and fall of F3000.