How will you remember F1 2008?

How will you remember the 2008 F1 season? A close battle for the title that built to a glorious crescendo? Or a comedy of errors between two racers seemingly desperate to throw the championship away? Here are six memories of the 2008 championship that stand out in my mind – share yours below.

F1 links: November 10th

Too much money is wasted in F1 – Klien Christian Klien: "Perhaps too much money is wasted. Take for example Jenson Button: he uses 18 helmets per season and every one costs 6,000 euros before the paint." Piquet says he was ‘green’ on F1 debut Nelson Piquet Jnr said: "It wasn't the season I dreamed […]

Race-by-race review (F1 2008)

We shared every twist and turn in the 18 Grands Prix of 2008 here on the F1 Fanatic Live Blogs. Here’s a reminder of how each race unfolded and what we said about the most exciting moments of the year as they unfolfed before our eyes:

Felipe Massa’s 2008 season in pictures


Felipe Massa may not have won the world championship but he won praise for his dignity in defeat. He rallied from a poor start to the season to make a convincing championship challenge and forced his critics to revise their opinions of him. This is his year in pictures.

$4,378,133 – the price of a point in 2008

Ferrari is the F1 team that made the best use of its budget in 2008. The constructors’ champions spent $2.4m per point this year – less than any of its rivals. At the other end of the scale, Force India and Super Aguri (deceased) failed to score at all, giving no return on their comparatively […]

Links: The Schumacher song

Does anyone know the words?

40 ways to survive the off season p4/4

If you’ve not already figured out how to make it to March without going crazy, here are ten more ways to sate your F1 craving this off-season.

2008 F1 DVD pre-orders open

Season review DVD coming soon

F1 sponsors hit by global recession

The world’s economy is still reeling from the traumas of September and October. F1 sponsors give $300m to F1 teams each year – but more and more of those companies are reporting huge profit falls and staff cut backs. Some are even falling back on their national governments for financial support. Could we soon see […]

40 ways to survive the off season p3/4

Here are ten more ways to ease your F1 withdrawal between now and March.

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