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F1 07 review: Driver rankings (2/3)

Here’s the second part of my driver rankings for 2007. Yesterday covered the first 16, here are a further seven and tomorrow there’ll be the final three. For now, check out the first part of the top ten and argue your case for any driver you think is rated too high or too low…

Traction control ban: Better races, less safe, more controversy?

It’s been interesting to see how the drivers and teams reacted to last week’s test at which most (if not all) the teams tried running the cars with the standard electronic control unit for 2008 installed and the removal of traction control. Questions have been raised over safety and how hard it will be to […]

Poll: Who should be Lewis Hamilton’s team mate in 2008?

Fernando Alonso has left McLaren in need of a new team mate for Lewis Hamilton for 2008. Several potential drivers have been linked with the seat including several who have a contract and at least one who’s retired. But who would you most like to see alongside Hamilton next year? Cast your vote and have […]

Interesting F1 circuit pictures on Google Maps

I’ve just been updating some of the information on visiting F1 tracks and come across some interesting images on Google Maps. You can see the Fuji Speedway as it was before Hermann Tilke got his hands on it, the Shanghai International Circuit under construction and a race going on at Monza

F1 teams to test slick tyres for possible 2009 return

Formula 1 teams will conduct a four-day test on slick tyres in December at Jerez with a view to their re-introduction in 2009. Slick tyres were banned in F1 after the 1997 season as the FIA tried to constrain escalating cornering speeds by imposing the use of grooved tyres. Jerez is the last circuit at […]

F1 07 review: Driver rankings (1/3)

With the wrangling over the championship finishing positions finally over, it’s time to take a look at the drivers of 2007 and rate who were the best racers. These verdicts are entirely my own opinions, so feel free to state a case for any driver you think is ranked too low, and argue against anyone […]

Toyota reveal launch date for 2008 car

Toyota’s new car will be unveiled on January 10th 2008. I think we can all guess what the livery’s going to look like…

F1 07 review: McLaren

They were thrown out of the 2007 constructors’ championship, fined $100m, and face life at the poor end of the garages in 2008. They signed a double world champion and the sport’s most exciting rookie for years, and the pair fell out horribly. Both missed out on the drivers’ championship by a single point. Their […]

Fernando Alonso and Nelson Piquet Jnr at Renault in 2008?

As speculation grows over Fernando Alonso’s future, Renault’s Flavio Briatore had this to say about his driver pairing for 2008: Renault will certainly have different drivers next year. Alonso has a 60% chance of coming to us. Alonso moving to Renault has been tipped for some time. His most likely partner there – assuming it […]

Debate: Describe each driver in one word

I came across this little game on The Times F1 blog a few months ago and I thought it would be a great way of looking back on the season. The rules are simple: you have to describe every F1 driver using just one word for each. Mine are below – now you have a […]