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New stuff on the Facebook Group

A quick reminder about the F1 Fanatic Facebook Group: There’s over 100 members on there now and there are a number of discussions going about future stuff on the site I’d like to get feedback on including: The F1Fanatic Court Tips on commenting The Cool Wall What made F1 great? You can also watch many […]

The coverage of the Mosley scandal on The Times F1 blog is missing something

As ever The Times’s Ed Gorman is doing a first-rate job covering the developments in the latest big F1 story – his blog is one I check daily without fail. Yesterday he wrote, “this affair is going to seep like an open wound and infect everything the FIA does between now and then and especially […]

Indianapolis still hopeful of 2009 F1 race

Indianapolis Motor Speedway is still sending out positive signals about its desire to hold a 2009 United States Grand Prix. The circuit owners have made a point of stating that the Moto GP race held for the first time this year is not a replacement for F1 (it’s behind held in September, not June), and […]

Who will launch Racing Against Racism?

As Max Mosley clings desperately to power while the FIA waits for the chance to have its say on June 3rd, there are three more Grands Prix to run in the meantime. And the next one is the Spanish Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya, at which we are expecting to see the launch […]

Super Aguri not out of the woods yet

Everyone held their breath waiting to see if Super Aguri would make it to the first round of the season. And we all cheered when the Magma Group swept in like knights on horseback to rescue them. But Super Aguri may not be out of danger just yet. According to this report they will be […]

Has Flavio Briatore lost interest again?

What’s the problem with Renault? It was no great surprise to see the champions of 2005 and 2006 lose their way in 2007. There was certainly no shortage of explanations: they had lost their champion driver and talisman of the team, Fernando Alonso. They had lost the Michelin tyres to which generations of Renault chassis […]

Schumacher: anatomically correct?

We’ve all seen quite enough of Max Mosley’s anatomy, so here’s Michael Schumacher’s. No, the seven-times world champion hasn’t been up to any mischief: this is a 1:18 scale presentation model of Michael Schumacher I found in the Grand Prix Legends catalogue and thought was quite amusing (view large size image)…

Video: 2008 Bahrain GP review


Watch the Bahrain Grand Prix review video – see below for more information.

Giancarlo Fisichella: the driver debates

In the first driver debate we looked at Adrian Sutil. Today it’s the turn of his vastly more experienced team-mate Giancarlo Fisichella. The 35 year-old Italian will be present at his 200th Grand Prix in Spain in two weeks’ time. How do you rate his career?


Ron Dennis and Max Mosley have never been the best of friends. Mosley once said of Dennis: Ron has no role in the FIA Formula 1 World Championship apart from that granted him, in common with other teams, by the Concorde Agreement. Unfortunately he find all this rather difficult to understand. Several years later, and […]