Improved commenting at F1 Fanatic

A few additions to the site should make it easier to make comments and edit them when you make a mistake.

Nico H???lkenberg closes in on F3 Euroseries title at Catalunya

Nico H???lkenberg won the first of the two F3 races at Barcelona this weekend. And although he failed to score in the second race he nonetheless extended his championship lead over rivals Edoardo Mortara, Renger van der Zande and Christian Vietoris.

Hamilton penalty: The trial (Poll)

Lewis Hamilton’s penalty in the Belgian Grand Prix has provoked unprecedented levels of debate and discussion on F1 Fanatic – nearly 900 comments spread across four articles. Tomorrow the World Motor Sports Council meets to pass judgement on McLaren’s appeal against the penalty. Will they change the stewards’ verdict? Will the penalty be decided on […]

Singapore Grand Prix weather forecast

The weather forecast for the Singapore Grand Prix could play a crucial role in determining the winner of the race. Even in dry conditions the difference between a hot day and a cold one can determine whether Ferrari and McLaren come out on top. And rain at F1’s first night race will tax the preparedness […]

Felipe Massa: the driver debates

Felipe Massa must be the leading candidate for most improved driver of 2008. In fact, you could make that case for the last two seasons, since he put the shaky start to his Ferrari debut in 2006 behind him. This time twelve months ago he didn’t look like being the man who would lead the […]

2008 Singapore Grand Prix Toyota F1 team preview (Video)


Toyota previews the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix in this video. It shows some of the distinguishing features of the track and landmarks and discusses how the team will prepare for F1’s first ever night race.

2009 F1 drivers: who will be dropped?

Before the Italian Grand Prix ITV showed an interview with Sebastien Bourdais. The stress of knowing his F1 drive for 2009 is under threat was plain to see as he started crying at one point. He’s not the only driver who’s place in F1 in 2009 is in doubt: Nelson Piquet Jnr is waiting to […]

Oops. Did we curse Toyota?

Three weeks ago, between the Valencia and Spa races, we did a poll on which team would finish fourth in the constructors’ championship. Toyota dominated the voting, with over three-quarters backing them to take fourth in the constructors’ title. Since then they haven’t scored a point and their fourth place is under attack from Renault […]

2009 F1 rules make rear wings tiny

Williams has tested a version of its car with a rear wing apparently designed to meet the 2009 F1 rules. Becken has pictures of it on his blog and here’s an artists’ impression of how the 2009 F1 cars will look (right, found on the F1Technical forum). I knew from looking at the 2009 F1 […]

Will F1 get DVD box sets like the WRC?

Duke Video has just brought out DVD box sets of the World Rally Championship season reviews and Le Mans 24 Hours races. They look great and they?re going on my Xmas list. But are we ever going to be able to get past official F1 season reviews on DVD? Formula One Management took until 2003 […]