Felipe Massa takes pole by huge margin (2008 Singapore Grand Prix qualifying)

Felipe Massa will start Formula 1’s first ever night race in Singapore from pole position after taking pole position by over half a second. Lewis Hamilton will join him on the front row despite suffering a scare in the second part of qualifying where he was almost eliminated for the second race in a row.

Singapore F1 practice pictures


Could Singapore’s F1 track rival Monaco’s as the most photogenic race track in Formula 1? Here’s a collection of 38 high-res photographs from today’s practice sessions showing the cars flying past some of Singapore’s spectacular scenery at night:

Singapore Grand Prix predictions

Who’s going to win the first ever Singapore Grand Prix? Several F1 drivers can lay claim to being particularly good on street tracks, including Lewis Hamilton and Robert Kubica. But the warmer temperatures are expected to favour Ferrari. Read my podium prediction and make yours below.

F1?s best street circuits part 3/3 (Video)


So here we are: the final top four of street circuits. Which circuits are so great that F1 Racing thinks they warrant a place at the top of this list? They’re spread out across the globe, each the best that part of the world has to offer. Let’s take a look at them now.

Jenson Button on Singapore (Video)


This comprehensive preview video by Honda features Jenson Button walking around the Singapore track and talking about some of the challenges – including those controversial tortoise kerbs. He also takes a ride on the Singapore Flyer – onto which the flag of the winner’s nation will be projected after the race. Ross Brawn talks about […]

First pictures from the Singapore GP


Here are the first pictures of the Singapore track at night and in the daytime, and the teams and drivers preparing for the first ever F1 night race.

F1 drivers largely happy with the Singapore track, apart from the tortoises

Turn 10 on the Singapore track is causing some concern among the F1 drivers. Several of them have criticised the high kerbs on the corner. Felipe Massa has an unusual name for them: The kerbs are like little tortoises and if you get something wrong you wreck the car. As mentioned in the Sinagpore track […]

Kimi Raikkonen: the driver debates

Kimi Raikkonen, the reigning world champion, is the final F1 racer to come under the scrutiny of our driver debates series and. With four races left to run Raikkonen is in serious danger of losing his title: he could even fall out of championship contention in Singapore this weekend. What’s gone wrong for Ferrari’s number […]

F1?s best street circuits part 2/3 (Video)


Yesterday we looked at the first four of the top street circuits listed in F1 Racing in March. All but one of those circuits were used within the last 20 years. The next four are the opposite: all but one were not used within the last 20 years, giving us a more definitive look of […]

Jackie Stewart on Singapore (Video)


Jackie Stewart discusses some of the big talking points ahead of the first ever Singapore Grand Prix – and the first ever night race: the challenges of racing at night, the threat of rain, and the safety concerns.

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