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Remix an F1 track

How hard can it be to design a decent race track? Herman Tilke?s circuit designs tend to draw sighs of disappointment from F1 fans. So what would you change about the tracks on today?s calendar? In the past two and a bit weeks I?ve covered the history of every track used for world championship F1 […]

New F1 video service at F1 Fanatic


I’ve been looking for a way to bring better quality F1 video onto F1 Fanatic for some time. Video services like Youtube are great, but due to the short-sightedness of F1’s broadcasting rights owners most F1 videos get taken down from there very quickly. Today I’ve created a new section of the website dedicated to […]

2008 testing round-up 3

How much can you tell from F1 testing times in January? Not very much, especially when rain interrupts the running as happened at Jerez this week. It?s too early to say for certain who?s fastest and which driver is doing better than his team mate. But trends are emerging already: Ferrari and McLaren not only […]

F1 circuits history part 16: 2008 and beyond

The final part of the guide to F1 circuits looks at the new street circuits in Valencia and Singapore set to join the calendar this year. And there are three more new venues set to host F1 races in the next two years – Abu Dhabi, India and South Korea. The Formula 1 calendar could […]

F1 circuits history part 15: 2003-2007

Hermann Tilke has had a monopoly on circuit design work in recent years. His brief is apparently are to design safe venues for F1 racing where overtaking is possible – making tracks that are dramatic or challenging is a secondary consideration at best. Recent examples of this include his new circuits in Bahrain, Turkey, China […]

F1 news review: Honda drop ITV-F1

Honda has cancelled its sponsorship of ITV’s F1 coverage – does this signal a change in direction for the team’s marketing agenda? Plus McLaren and Williams stay quiet over rumours that part of their teams are to be sold. And who is Robert Kubica’s favourite sports person? It’s not a racing driver… Read the full […]

F1 circuits history part 14: 1999-2002

At the end of 1990s Formula 1 began to look east. With the teams hit by ever-tighter restrictions on tobacco advertising, and eastern countries offering less tight restrictions, moving the sport beyond its traditional heartland made good commercial sense. The fact that it bolstered the sport’s claim to being a ‘world’ championship was merely a […]

It?s hard to dislike drivers once you?ve met them

Getting to meet F1 drivers properly is not something I get to do very often. The days of being able to mill around the pits with them are long gone – these days you’re lucky to get a cursory glance and an unintelligible scrawl on your race day programme. But on the rare occasions I […]

F1 circuits history part 13: 1995-8

The after-effects of the traumatic 1994 season were felt throughout the Formula 1 calendar. Circuits that had made temporary changes to slow down high speed sections now had to find ways of making those alterations permanent. And new courses would have to either be much slower or built with even larger run-off spaces. The man […]

Red Bull launch their 2008 F1 car: the RB4

Red Bull have revealed their 2008 F1 car at the Jerez circuit this morning. The team ended 2007 with several strong performances and will be hoping to carry that momentum forward into 2008. Mark Webber and David Coulthard remain as the team’s drivers, with GP2 driver Sebastien Buemi joining as test driver. See below for […]