Ultimate 2008 F1 gifts guide: Books

Where you’re after a new biography of Lewis Hamilton with all the 2008 bits in, a quality F1 book for a fan, or just a good old-fashioned hardback to curl up with on the sofa, this comprehensive guide to the best in new and recent F1 books will help yu pick the right title.

The official announcement from Honda and the FIA’s response in full

2009 F1 season

Honda president and CEO Takeo Fukui has officially announced the withdrawal of Honda from Formula One.

Will another F1 team quit before 2009?

Following the news of Honda’s decision to quit F1, the question now is whether other car manufacturers or other Formula 1 teams will follow suit. Will another team quit F1 before the new season begins on March 27th, 2009?

How will Honda quitting affect F1?

It now seems inevitable that Honda will announce in a few hours’ time that it is going to sell its F1 team or close it. F1 could be left with only nine teams, drivers will be left without seats, and the continued participation of other manufacturers may be in doubt. How will Honda’s departure affect […]

Speculation around Honda’s F1 future (Update: Honda to sell team or quit)

Pitpass and GrandPrix.com are questioning the future of Honda’s F1 team and suggesting it could be sold or pulled out of F1. Is this just speculation during a slow time for Formula 1 or is Honda about to become F1’s first victim of the financial downturn?

Ultimate F1 gifts guide 2008: Season review DVDs and other videos

The 2008 F1 DVD review hit the shelves on Monday and you can read a full review of it here. Here’s some more ideas if you’re planning to buy a DVD or video for an F1 fan – or hoping to unwrap one yourself.

Which qualifying system is best? (Poll)

F1 has introduced a new qualifying system at least once per season since 2003. Although the current qualifying system is quite popular the Formula One Teams’ Association is discussing more changes today. Is their proposal any better than the ones that have gone before? Do we really need another qualifying system? Vote below.

2008 F1 official DVD season review: “Luck does not come into it”

The 2008 F1 season review DVD has a lot of action to pack in and so, for the first time ever, it has been released as a two-disc set. The quality of the footage is usually excellent on theses DVDs – have FOM kept that up while fixing the niggling faults that have afflicted recent […]

F1 links: Nakamoto walks, Pantano gripes

Nakamoto leaves Honda F1 team "Honda's Shuhei Nakamoto has this week left his position with the Formula One team." The former aerodynamicist had shouldered some of the blame for Honda's post-2006 slump. He said last year: "To be honest, I don’t have enough development experience in Formula 1 cars. Everyone knows my background is as […]

Ultimate F1 gifts guide 2008: Gadgets, games and other gifts

Lego! Scalextric! Wine! Sausages! More fun and unusual gifts with an F1 link (however tenuous)…

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