F1 links: James Allen on BBC’s F1 plans

A look at the BBC’s F1 TV plans James Allen on BBC's coverage: "Because of the way the F1 TV package is sold to sponsors I imagine that the world feed will still be the dominant element in the split screen, on which you will be able to watch these other features. I’d be very […]

F1 Fanatic hits 2,000 subscribers

F1 Fanatic has passed a landmark this week as the site has exceeded 2,000 RSS subscribers for the first time. Actually, the way these things go it passed 2,000, then fell under it, then passed it again, and so on, but it looks like the threshold has been solidly passed now. I’ve been very encouraged […]

USF1 to be ‘poster child’ team (updated)

F1 Fanatic guest writer Gerard Hetman kept an eye on the USF1 announcement on Speed TV and sent in this report. Tuesday saw the dawn of a new era in Formula 1 team management and ownership with the launch of the USF1 racing team. Co-founded by longtime F1 stalwarts Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor, the […]

USF1?s Peter Windsor and the strange story of the Brabham F1 team

USF1 is expected to announce its plans to enter F1 in 2010 later today. The plan is being headed by two men, Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor. Windsor has worn many hats in an F1 career spanning more than two decades, but mystery surrounds his last involvement with Brabham. His role in taking over the […]

BBC F1 plans announced today (updated: full details below)

The details of BBC?s F1 coverage this year are due to be announced in a press conference today. We already know a lot about their TV plans for 2009. Today I expect some big announcements about their online coverage.

F1 links: More engine rules changes

Racing Eagles Dan Brunell's new motor racing blog, definitely worth a look. Raikkonen not dwelling on poor 2008 Kimi Raikkonen: "You always learn from your mistakes, but I'm not particularly interested in understanding last year: we can't change the way things went, and it doesn't help us to do things better now." FIA set to […]

What is F1?s biggest rival?

For many people motor racing means Formula 1. For evidence of that, see how many news sites list ??F1? in their sports sections instead of ??motor sport?. But F1 is not the only international racing series. Which championship comes closest to matching F1?s intoxicating blend of speed, glamour and cutting edge technology?

F1 links: Heidfeld gets consistency prize

Nick is most consistent driver of 2008 "At a gala dinner organised by the Formula 1 Reliability & Effectiveness Centre and attended by its founder and president, Prof J Knezevic, the F1 Driver Reliability Champion Award for the 2008 season was presented to Nick in his absence." I never knew there was such a thing! […]

Jani wins feature race and takes title lead (A1GP)

Neel Jani joined Nico H???lkenberg as A1 Grand Prix’s most prolific winner by scored his ninth victory in the categoty in the feature race at Kyalami. But disaster struck the championship leaders. Ireland lost their lead in the title race as Adam Carroll crashed out on the first lap of the race.

Bleekemolen puts Netherlands back on top (A1GP)

A1 Grand Prix’s first race at the Kyalami circuit in South Africa was dominated by the Netherland’s Jeroen Bleekemolen. Bleekemolen started from pole position alongside Filipe Albuquerque. But the Portuguese driver was beaten to the first corner by Neel Jani, which allowed Bleekemolen to quickly extend his lead.

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