Tyre compounds for first five races of 2009

Bridgestone has published details of the tyre allocations for the first five F1 races of 2009. They vary substantially from the options available last year, because F1 has switched to slick tyres and also because Bridgestone are now bringing compounds that are two steps apart rather than one. As a sign of how much things […]

Bridgestone’s green tyre hypocrisy

A little over a month ago I wrote an article called Four crucial things F1 fans must be told during races in 2009. Today Bridgestone has announced how it will distinguish between its different types of tyres, which was one of the four things on that list:

What was the best underdog race win?

Carlos di Bello sent in this question via Skribit: What are the top ten races where superior driving overcame inferior mechanical means? I thought that was a good question to put to the collective wisdom of F1 Fanatic readers. What do you think was the best victory for a driver in a sub-par car? Here?s […]

Toro Rosso STR4 to debut on Wednesday

Toro Rosso’s 2009 car will be given its circuit debut next Wednesday, according to a report in the German specialist press. Auto Motor und Sport claims the STR4, a Ferrari-powered version of the Adrian Newey-designed Red Bull car, is to be shaken down at the Adria circuit in northern Italy on March 4, with Sebastien […]

USF1: The case against

Guest writer Peter Anderson, who posts comments as ZeroGee, is deeply sceptical about the USF1 project. Here’s why. As I’ve written here before I think the US F1 team is little more than a stunt. Here’s my take on their plans and why I think that this will be the very definition of an F1 […]

No GP2 on BBC in 2009

The BBC’s comprehensive F1 coverage plan will sadly not extend to GP2 race coverage, or any of the other usual support races at F1 weekends. This was confirmed by interactive TV editor Matt Millington on the Sport Editors’ Blog, who offered no reason why the decision had been taken: Unfortunately, we are unable to offer […]

Williams to lose RBS sponsorship in 2010

RBS has confirmed its widely-expected move not to continue its sponsorship of the Williams F1 team beyond the end of its current contract. The deal expires at the end of the 2010 season. The bank is in serious financial trouble and is being supported by the UK government. As discussed yesterday brand ambassador and former […]

Ray of light for Honda as team goes testing

A very surprising story on Autosport.com this evening: Despite no confirmation that a buyer has been found to secure the future of the Brackley-based outfit, autosport.com has learned that with the 2009 car now ready, team personnel have been instructed to get ready to go testing. It is not clear whether the preparations are advanced […]

Why F1 should race on ovals


IndyCar’s final race of 2008 at Chicago The F1 calendar features some of the greatest racing circuits in the world. To become Formula 1 world champion you must prove yourself on the 350kph straights of Monza, the tight confines of Monte-Carlo, and everything in between. But there’s one type of track missing from F1 racing, […]

F1 links: James Allen on BBC’s F1 plans

A look at the BBC’s F1 TV plans James Allen on BBC's coverage: "Because of the way the F1 TV package is sold to sponsors I imagine that the world feed will still be the dominant element in the split screen, on which you will be able to watch these other features. I’d be very […]

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