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Video: 2008 Turkish GP preview


Here’s the Turkish Grand Prix preview video including a lap of the circuit and updates on the championship situation, plus Murray Walker’s F1 memories. See below for more information.

Silverstone F1 test tickets on sale for ??12

This is probably only useful for readers in Britain I’m afraid! If you want to see F1 cars in action in Britain for a lot less than the price of a Grand Prix ticket, you can get into the pre-Grand Prix Silverstone test from as little as ??12 (although that is an increase of ??2 […]

Going to Istanbul – and everywhere else

The Istanbul Park circuit is the first of this year’s Grand prix venues I’ve visited myself. To cut a long story short: it was hot, turn eight is mega, and do not attempt to make the journey from Greece by train. Seriously, that almost cost me a girlfriend (you can read the full account here). […]

2008 Turkish Grand Prix preview: how can anyone stop Ferrari?

Ferrari have a seriously impressive winning streak going at the moment: Race Kimi Raikkonen Felipe Massa 2007 Chinese Grand Prix 1 3 2007 Brazilian Grand Prix 1 2 2008 Australian Grand Prix 8 DNF 2008 Malaysian Grand Prix 1 DNF 2008 Bahrain Grand Prix 2 1 2008 Spanish Grand Prix 1 2 Their off-colour performance […]

Video: Toyota feature on car development and aerodynamics


All of the F1 teams brought major steps forward in car development for the last round at Spain, and many more will be readied in time for the Turkish Grand Prix. This video from Toyota shows how they are developed and includes some footage of them conducting straight-line aerodynamics testing. More Formula 1 videos in […]

Super Aguri leave Formula 1

After months of doubt over their future, Super Aguri team boss Aguri Suzuki has finally bowed to the inevitable and withdrawn his team from Formula 1.

If Hamilton and Kubica want to race elsewhere they should be allowed to


I wouldn’t complain if the F1 calendar grew to NASCAR-like proportions with 30-plus races per year. But given the expense of moving the cars from country to country, it doesn’t seem very likely. But why shouldn’t F1 drivers participate in more races besides Formula 1? In the past week both Lewis Hamilton and Robert Kubica […]

How many teams does F1 need?

Following the disappointing news that Honda are about to give their pet dog Super Aguri the Old Yeller treatment it looks as though Formula 1 will have just 20 cars for the rest of the season. When I first started watching F1 in 1989 the series had just set an all-time record for the largest […]

Hello to Sir Stirling Moss

I’m meeting Sir Stirling Moss on Wednesday for the first time for an interview for my motorsport column Trackside over at I don’t mind admitting I’m a little bit nervous about meeting one of Britain’s greatest racing drivers. Words and phrases like “legend” and “national institution” are bandied around too freely, but all the […]

A1GP: Pictures from Brands Hatch

See below for some of my pictures from the Brands Hatch A1 Grand Prix weekend.