Japanese Grand Prix weather forecasts

Early weather forecasts for the Japanese Grand Prix suggest the weekend will be cool with a chance of rain. Here’s some useful information on weather forecasts for the F1 weekend at Fuji.

Ten ways to get a drive in F1 (part 2/3)

Andy & LJH continue their look at how today’s drivers got their break in F1. Yesterday we looked at how to get in F1 by paying for a drive, getting in with an engine builder, and battling your way through the junior categories. Here are three more ways of making your way to Formula 1.

Nico H???lkenberg wins 2008 F3 Euroseries title at Le Mans

Nico H???lkenberg captured the 2008 Formula Thre Euroseries championship in a less than inspiring fashion. He failed to get away at the start of the first race at Le Mans in France this weekend, and fell to the back of the field. But with title rival Edoardo Mortara unable to reach the seventh place he […]

“A1GP Season Review 2007/08 DVD”

A1 Grand Prix’s fourth season gets started in Zandvoort today. Although there are some questions over the future of the series its fan base is developing and there was a decent crowd at Brands Hatch when I visited for the season finale earlier this year. Next week they release their first DVD season review, covering […]

Ten ways to get a drive in F1 (part 1/3)

Brits on Pole duo Andy & LJH start a three-part look at how the current F1 field got their big breaks in Formula 1. Long-term job security isn’t a concept many would associate with Formula One ?ǣ but at the other end of a driver’s career you’d be forgiven for thinking that a network of […]

John Beamer’s F1 tech file: Singapore

John Beamer, editor of F1-Pitlane, takes a look at the teams? technical developments from the Singapore Grand Prix. The Singapore Grand Prix couldn?t have provided a more stark contrast to Monza two weeks ago. The tight, twisty street circuit snaking its way around Marina Bay called for a high downforce set-up, very different to the […]

F1’s unwritten rules: team orders edition

We all know team orders are banned. But we also know teams can get away with doing certain things to manipulate the running order of their drivers.

Five more pit box blunders (Video)


Felipe Massa’s accident in the pits at Singapore was dramatic and disastrous. But it wasn’t the first time a drivers’ race was ruined when he reached his pit box. We’ve seen plenty of drivers suffer refuelling fires or knock team members over – but there are other ways to get your pit stop wrong: here’s […]

Four mistakes F1 must avoid

Here are four ideas, which have been tried in other championships to make racing more entertaining, that don’t belong in F1.

Does Bernie Ecclestone want the Singapore GP to be the new Monaco?

Frank Williams joined the chorus of approval for last weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix: It has a good chance of challenging Monaco for being the jewel in the crown of Formula One. That is the most accurate thing to say. They have great weather, a very good track, and the grandstands packed. I think there is […]

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