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Santander to be British Grand Prix title sponsor

Banco Santander will replace Foster’s Lager as the title sponsor of the British Grand Prix this year in a ??6 million deal. Santander bought British building society Abbey (formerly Abbey National) in 2005 but look set to drop that brand name. They are also sponsoring McLaren-Mercedes under the Santander name in a five-year deal starting […]

F1 2007 Preview: Will you miss Michael?

Thirteen years after he won his first world championship, the Michael Schumacher Show has been cancelled. Many had grown bored of the ceaseless dominance of Schumacher and the Ferrari victory machine. But not his legion of fans, who may struggle to transfer their affections onto another driver. Will you miss Michael Schumacher in 2007? Or […]

Banned! Brabham-Alfa Romeo BT46B ‘Fan Car’

The 1970s was the decade of outrageous innovation that produced some of the most unusual cars ever to grace a racing circuit. Many were hideous failures that disappeared into obscurity. But Brabham’s ‘Fan Car’ did somewhat better, achieving a 100% victory rate. Which is to say it won one race, and then it was banned…

F1 2007 Preview: Ferrari

The great Italian team enters its third era following the death of founder Enzo. First came political chaos, turmoil and defeat. Then a wholly different Ferrari emerged under the Todt-Brawn-Schumacher leadership – a devastating efficient winning machine, a wholly unromantic entity comparer to the Ferrari of old, that dominated the sport with a completeness never […]

The Ben Evans Column: The truth about testing

As the F1 pre-season testing continues apace (or, if you’re Honda, slowly) it seems a good time to share my 10 unbreakable rules of testing – and top tips. These will apply to every test session you ever attend in the UK. Certainly they have been true at each test day I’ve been to.

F1 2007 Preview: The Raikkonen conundrum

Kimi Raikkonen: party animal, or apathetic mumbler? Brutally quick race winner, or over-rated car breaker? Heir to Michael Schumacher’s mantle, or, in the words of Jacques Villeneuve, an, “over-rated driver package,” who, “really doesn’t care?” 2007 world drivers’ champion, or three-times runner-up?

F1 2007 Preview: Renault

It’s not often that a team which has won both championships one year does not have the coveted number one on either of its cars the following season. That is the position Renault are in this year, an unavoidable reminder of the key weakness in their 2007 title defence: the loss of double world champion […]

How Giancarlo Baghetti won his first ever F1 start

F1 history

Giancarlo Baghetti made Formula One history by becoming the first driver to win on his world championship debut.

2007 testing round-up 4

The morale of the teams must have sunk when they arrived at Barcelona for testing this week and it rained on the first day. Happily the weather cleared up and for the first time this year all the 11 teams were on-track together – although Super Aguri have yet to bring their new car. Oh, […]

“My cars, my career” (Stirling Moss with Doug Nye, 1987)

Having recently looked at F1 driver autobiographies from two different generations (Alex Zanardi and Niki Lauda) I decided to turn to another, even earlier subject – Stirling Moss. He collaborated on this fascinating autobiographical work with Doug Nye in 1987. Its structure is a simple chronological ‘guide’ to every car he ever raced, interspersed with […]