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2007 testing round-up 3

The story of the off-season so far has been rain – lots of it. It spoiled the second half of testing this week and Renault packed up early on Thursday so as not to waste tyres. Spyker and Williams had their new cars in action for the first time – but Red Bull still seem […]

“To Hell and Back” (Niki Lauda with Herbert Volker, 1985)

Last week we took a look at Alez Zanardi’s gripping autobiography “My Story”. I thought an interesting book to compare that with would be Niki Lauda’s 1986 book “To Hell and Back” – the self-penned story of another driver whose career was defined by a life-threatening accident.

F1 in the blogs 17

Congratulations to ING Renault F1 team on their first victory of the 2007 F1 season. I’m sure they have their minds on bigger prizes than scooping our F1 Post of the Week award though… Also this week, singing champions, rivalry in the UAE and more on van de Garde-gate.

F1 in the news 23

In this week’s F1 news: Fernando Alonso is over-rated and so is Jenson Button. Donington Park gets bought, but no-one’s buying the Russian plans to host a Grand Prix. All this and porn mags too. What more could you want?

A number plate fit for an F1 Fanatic…

British F1 fans with a few grand to burn can get their hands on special F1-themed license plates from the DVLA. We like the look of F1 FAN – but not the price – a hefty ???1,400! The same figure could also get you F1 MAD. For ???200 less the more esoteric F1 GPX could […]

Banned! – Beryllium

The banning of Renault’s mass dampers last year and the Michelin tyres in 2003 generated substantial press interest and controversy. In contrast the banning of beryllium and its alloys from F1 cars and, in particular, their engines did not.

The Ben Evans Column: Forgotten stars of F3

Perhaps it’s because my 2006 season finished really early (my last race was in October) or perhaps it’s because I’m incurably sad. But I have spent the winter yearning for any racing-related activity. Thus far I’ve staved off the brutal pangs of withdrawal by reading motor sport books, going to Autosport International and visiting abandoned […]

The Old Rumour Mill – February

More F1 rumours that didn’t quite work out. This month: three McLarens for 1993, four for 2007, and BMW nearly join Benetton. Find out why these plans never came to be…

???7.8m 1939 Auto Union for sale

If the Michael Schumacher car sale we reported last week was a little contemporary for your taste, here’s a better way to blow your hard-earned millions. A 1939 Auto Union Type D that was driven by Tazio Nuvolari will be auctioned at Christie’s in Paris on February 17th. There is a good chance that it […]

That Top Gear Renault picture


Fans of BBC’s Top Gear will have noticed the penetrating, in-depth analysis of the new Renault R27 on the yesterday’s programme. For the unenlightened: Presenter Jeremy Clarkson poked fun at the Renault press office for this shot of their four F1 drivers around the new Renault Clio R27.