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Is there anyone left in Britain who hasn’t set up a petition on the Downing Street home page? Certainly a few motor sport fans have been on there and set up a few petitions that are worth a look. (Don’t worry if you’re not British, just pretend you’re an ex-patriate). Just don’t expect any of […]

European Grand Prix wallpapers

It’s the European Grand Prix this weekend and as ever we’ve got a selection of photos from past races available for you to download for your desktop. Enjoy!

No IRL at Michigan next year

This year’s IndyCar race at Michigan will be the last at the superspeedway for the foreseeable future. Michigan will hold two NASCAR events next year but failed to find a suitable slot for an IRL race. The IndyCar series expanded its roster of road courses this year while the rival Champ Car World Series moved […]

Your questions: Most win/pole doubles

David Sproston wrote in to ask the following: Who has the highest number of wins from pole position ever? I’m sure it will come as no surprise to David to learn that it’s yet another record held by Michael Schumacher.

Briton Hollings leads Australian F3

As the Australian Formula 3 championship passes the half way mark Briton Charlie Hollings has taken the lead of the title race 127 points ahead of Tim Macrow on 121. Leanne Ferrier-Tander is also in the running with 118. Driving a Renault-powered Dallara, Hollings won both rounds at Oran Park in April plus the first […]

2007 drivers’ half-term report – part two

So which drivers made my top ten of the year so far? And have I put the obvious choice in the number one spot? Find out below – and use the comments box to tell me how wrong I am…

European Grand Prix 2007 preview & TV times

The Nurburgring plays host to the only round of the championship in Germany this year. The absence of Michael Schumacher is largely responsible but, depending who gets the second Spyker seat, there could conceivably be five home drivers on the grid. But the battle for wins is likely to be between the same four drivers […]

Not the German Grand Prix

It’s not been officially announced as far as I’m aware, but this weekend’s round is not the German Grand Prix. Although it’s the only F1 race in Germany this year it won’t be called the German Grand Prix because the owners of the Hockenheimring also own the legal rights to the name.

Buy Ferrari stuff

Ferrari are auctioning a selection of authentic components from their Grand Prix cars. And no, it’s not stuff they found at Mike Coughlan’s house. Currently top of the bidding at ??????700.09 (that’s ???474.40 / $963.88) is a gear selection barrel from a 1998 Ferrari F300. Also on offer is the bevel gear crown from Michael […]

2007 drivers’ half-term report – part one

Nine races out of 17 completed – it’s time to rate how the drivers are doing. I’ll start off with the bottom half of the field today – don’t miss the top ten tomorrow. And if you don’t agree, well, that’s what the comments box is for! Last year’s list certainly generated some debate…