2008 European GP preview (Video)


Here’s the Valencia European Grand Prix preview video. It’s slightly later than usual, but now backed by Red Bulletin so those of you who enjoy the cheeky style of Red Bull’s magazine might get a kick out of it. There’s a 3D preview of the all-new track, and a historical perspective courtesy of – who […]

First pictures of the Valencia F1 street track (2008 European Grand Prix)


The Circuito Urbano Valencia saw F1 action for the first time today. Before the race weekend I wasn’t sure how good the track would look – footage from the first race at the circuit made the track look a bit featureless. But I thought it looked better during today’s free practice session. Here’s a selection […]

2008 European GP predictions

Yesterday I made a case for why I thought Robert Kubica would do well at the new Valencia street track. But there are plenty of convincing reasons his McLaren and Ferrari rivals could find the Valencia circuit suits them well. Here are my predictions for the top three in the European Grand Prix ?σΤιΌΤΗ£ share […]

Robert Kubica the best outside bet? (2008 European Grand Prix preview)

Seeing the BMWs of Robert Kubica and Nick Heidfeld at the sharp end of a Grand Prix isn’t really a surprise any more – not since their one-two finish at Montreal anyway. The team are yet to re-capture the high Kubica’s maiden win. But I think Kubica could be a dark horse for victory this […]

Will the 2009 F1 rules allow Honda to catch McLaren, Ferrari & the rest?

Next year will see the biggest change in the technical regulations for some time. It’s certainly the greatest since the grooved tyre/narrow track switch in 1998, and perhaps the largest overhaul of the rules since turbo engines were banned after 1988. In 2009 F1 wing sizes will be reduced, movable front wing flaps allowed, slick […]

European GP history 1984-2007 (video)

Here’s the second part of Journeyer’s video guide to the European Grand Prix. Read part one here. One reason that the European Grand Prix became a regular round of the championship can be summed up in two words: Michael Schumacher. His popularity was such that from 1995 Bernie Ecclestone decided to have 2 races in […]

A1 Grand Prix takes radical step to level playing field (A1GP)

A1 Grand Prix has taken further measures to help its less experienced and less capable teams narrow the gap to the front runners. In the 2008-2009 season it will make the telemetry available from the car that sets the fastest lap in practice and qualifying. But will it actually help the teams at the back […]

McLaren-Mercedes ‘have 25bhp more’

McLaren weren’t quite on Ferrari’s pace early in the season but now they’ve won three races in a row. Part of their improvement is probably down to the improvements we discussed after the German Grand Prix. But new rumours suggest McLaren’s Mercedes engine produces 25 horsepower more than any other F1 car. I was a […]

Ten jobs for Ecclestone – one year on

Last year I wrote an article suggesting ten things Bernie Ecclestone should do to improve F1. He probably doesn’t read this site (although Max Mosley does read F1 blogs) but I wondered how many of the problems he had tackled in that time. When I looked back at my original post I was surprised how […]

European GP history 1950-1997 (video)


F1 Fanatic guest writer Journeyer is back with a two-part series on the history of the European Grand Prix. The European Grand Prix is an oddity. It’s unique in that it doesn’t necessarily represent a single country, but a whole continent. Various versions of the name have been in use ever since the world championship […]