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Mosley on McLaren, F1 engines, customer chassis and more

Among the myriad development that have come from the FIA recently a detailed interview with Max Mosley gives some interesting new insights into the McLaren-Ferrari spying scandal, future F1 regulations, customer cars and more. The interview was published in The Paddock, a recent addition to the world of F1 publications which has just published its […]

Martin Brundle hits back at the FIA over ‘bullying’

Martin Brundle has hit back at the FIA following the news that the sport’s governing body intends to sue the Sunday Times over one of his articles. In a new piece today entitled “How can Formula One justify blatant double standards?” Brundle defends his earlier claim that the FIA is engaged in a witch-hunt against […]

“Kimi made it at last” (F1 2007 season DVD)

Formula One Management guard the rights to show Formula 1 video with utmost jealousy. The cost of buying and broadcasting Formula 1 footage is so extortionately expensive that even major television news channels will only show the briefest glimpses of race action. The end-of-season video reviews remain the only official way to watch the highlights […]

“Lewis Hamilton: New Kid on the Grid” (Ian Stafford, 2007)

Joining the pile of Lewis Hamilton biographies vying for the consumer pound in the gift-giving season is this effort from Ian Stafford. Does it have anything to make it stand out from its many rivals?

2008 testing round-up 2

This week saw the final four days of testing of 2007. Although much was made of the opportunity to compare Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton on track at the same time, in reality the diversity of testing programmes being run meant that no worthwhile comparison was possible. Teams ran a mixture of grooved and slick […]

The FIA quietly hands out the prizes

The annual FIA gala was yesterday, at which the prizes for all the top international motor sport competitions were handed out. Kimi Raikkonen received his Formula 1 World Drivers’ championship trophy and the Bahrain International Circuit was given an award for excellence. The latter seems rather ironic, given that the organisers are not exactly taxed […]

F1 blogs review: Renault verdict reaction

The F1 blogs are buzzing with reaction to the Renault spy hearing and Lewis Hamilton’s appearance on Top Gear. Read on for more on those topics plus the rumoured Mercedes’ B-team, wheel fairings, Kimi Raikkonen, and just what is the point of F1 anyway?

FIA suing Sunday Times over McLaren article

The FIA are taking legal action against the Sunday Times over an article concerning the McLaren-Ferrari espionage case, according to an article on Pitpass. The complaint appears to relate to an article written by Martin Brundle over the Italian Grand Prix weekend. That article is still online but carries the notice ‘This article is subject […]

The full verdict on the Renault-McLaren spying case

The World Motor Sports’ Council has published its verdict on Renault’s alleged spying on McLaren. The council yesterday decided not to punish Renault for possessing the information, despite having excluded McLaren from the 2007 constructors’ championship for obtaining information about Ferrari. The WMSC explained the difference it saw between the two cases: The McLaren confidential […]

F1 news review: 2008 Ferrari launch revealed

In the F1 news this week Kimi Raikkonen accidentally reveals the launch date of the 2008 Ferrari. Plus speculation about Michael Schumacher’s rumoured return, the future of Prodrive’s entry into F1, Lewis Hamilton explains his aims in Formula 1 and Murray Walker makes a return to commentating. Read on for a round up of 27 […]