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“Brands Hatch” (Chas Parker)

If you go to Brands Hatch today it’s hard to imagine it being used as a Formula 1 circuit. It’s narrow, steep and the barriers (and crowd) are far too close to the track for the FIA or Bernie Ecclestone’s liking. At its peak, Brands Hatch held up to four races for Formula 1 cars […]

Ecclestone on Hamilton and Raikkonen

It’s always interesting to hear what the most powerful man in Formula 1 thinks of the sport’s drivers. Bernie Ecclestone hailed Lewis Hamilton as the new Michael Schumacher and said he wants to see a rivalry developed between him and world champion Kimi Raikkonen.

DTM’s stupid pit stop rules to get worse

The DTM have found a way to make their complicated and boring pit stop rules even harder to follow. On top of forcing drivers to pit twice a race, they’re now going to set pit windows which will restrict the times at which they come into the pits. It’s a rubbish idea nicked from, among […]

Should Tata bring Jaguar back to F1?

Ford have sold Jaguar (and Land Rover) to Indian company Tata for ??1.15bn ($2.3bn). The blue oval ran Jaguar Racing in F1 for five years before selling it to Red Bull in 2004. As a luxury car manufacturer two of Jaguar’s biggest rivals compete in Formula 1 – BMW and Mercedes. So should Tata bring […]

How teams dodge traction control ban

The FIA are failing to make teams stick to the traction control ban according to ITV’s Ted Kravitz. The teams have been using special engine setting maps at the start of the races to simulate launch control and get their cars off the line as quickly as possible – and efforts to stop the practice […]

Video: 2008 Bahrain GP preview 1


Watch the first part of the Malaysian review and Bahrain preview video plus a competition to win Grand Prix tickets and a Lewis Hamilton McLaren model.

F1 Racing vs Motorsport

I renewed my subscription to F1 Racing at the start of the year but soon after I started to wonder if I’d made the wrong decision. Since its rival Motorsport left the Haymarket stable, started covering contemporary F1 again, and poached two of the stars from Haymarket’s weekly Autosport (Damien Smith and Nigel Roebuck), I’ve […]

2010 F1 calendar may have 5 night GPs

If Bernie Ecclestone gets his way (and how often does that not happen?) five Formula 1 Grands Prix will be held under floodlights by 2010 – which by then will probably be a quarter of the calendar. It’s an ambitious target given that the first F1 night Grand Prix at Singapore hasn’t even been held […]

Me interviewed on Londonist

Duncan of top London blog Londonist interviewed me last week on what happened to the London Grand Prix idea, F1 in 2008, and You can read the interview here on Londonist and if you missed it listen to my interview on New Zealand radio station BSport. The Londonist interview was done between the Australian […]

Cristiano da Matta returns to racing

2008 F1 season

Former Formula 1 driver Cristiano da Matta has returned to racing just over a year and a half since his near-fatal accident in America.