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Supercars outgun F1 in power race

In the 2005 season the top F1 engines were producing in excess of 900 horsepower, with the leading engines believed to have as much as 950hp on tap. But as of this year engines were cut in size from 3.0-litre V10s to 2.4-litre V8s. And with that drop in size came a corresponding drop in […]

F1 DVDs up for grabs


In Trackside this week a look at the history of the Land Speed Record-breaking family of Malcolm Campbell and Donald Campbell. Plus, win copies of the 2006 F1 season review DVD “Once Again” and the classic John Frankenheimer film “Grand Prix”. Related links – Auto watch: F1 2006 season review DVD + competition (external) […]

The Ben Evans Column: Age Concern

Only time will tell the damage Formula BMW has done to single seater motor sport. With excessive running costs (well in excess of ???200,000 for a tilt at the title), questionable driving standards and underpowered cars with way too much grip which teach drivers little in the way of feel. But then again what’s do […]

Another insidious FIA conspiracy?

The FIA needed a supply of standard engine control units (ECUs) for the new, 2008-era F1. But instead of getting a third party to supply them, they’ve got one of the teams to do it. It’s a stinking great controversy! No doubt they’ve palmed off the contract to bosom buddies Ferrari, who’ll steal a march […]

The best F1 video website


Everyone is after F1 video. Internet video behemoth Youtube is straining under the weight of decades of F1 clips. Even F1 monthly magazine F1 Racing recently ran a feature on where to find the best F1 clips on the Internet. But what F1 fans really want is to be able to watch entire races – […]

“Michael Schumacher: The Whole Story”?? reviewed

F1 review

You have to feel sorry for Michael Schumacher’s fans. First their hero quits, and then the predictable rush to cash in on his success follows.

F1 in the blogs

In this week’s round-up of bloggers’ thoughts on F1, Jenson Button is nominated for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award but hardly anyone seems to think he should win it. Read on for more…

F1 in the news

In this week’s round-up of the F1 news, financial dealings, Super Aguri acrimony and Antonio Pizzonia’s latest attempts to get back to top level motorsport.

So, who won?

Today is the annual FIA Gala when the top drivers and teams of the year have an enormous bash and all the prizes are handed out. Including, of course, the FIA Formula One World Drivers’ Championship and the FIA Formula One World Constructors’ Championship trophies. It begs an obvious question – why on earth is […]

The Ben Evans Column: Spectator sport

Once upon a time motor racing was a spectator sport. By this I don’t mean TV spectators, but actual physical live human being fans at the track. But now every meeting from the humble clubbie to F1 race struggles to pull in the fans and keep them interested.