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2008 Bahrain GP preview: predictions

What are your predictions for the Bahrain Grand Prix? Here’s who I think will win – place your bets below…

2008 Bahrain GP preview video 2


Watch the second part of the Bahrain Grand Prix preview video – see below for more information.

The Ben Evans column: qualified failure

Another week, another qualifying rules change, as F1 strives to create a made-for-TV-extravaganza that also produces a good race. The one-hour, 12 lap, sessions used to be cracking TV and a rare opportunity to see what the teams and drivers could conjure up when they focussed their efforts on a single banzai lap. Problem was […]

Bahrain snub piles pressure on Mosley

As a few people have mentioned in the comments the Crown Prince of Bahrain has told Max Mosley not to attend this weekend’s Grand Prix following his refusal to step down over the sex scandal. (Oddball posted the letter here). I think it’s further proof of what I wrote two days ago, that Mosley cannot […]

2008 Bahrain GP preview: Williams

One double points finish, one nightmare race. Just how quick are Williams? The Bahrain Grand Prix should give us some answers.

2008 Bahrain GP preview: ducks to break

It’s round three of the season and the last chance for several top drivers to score their first points of the year before the ‘European season’ kicks off. First among these has to be Felipe Massa. He’s already pointed out this week that it’s a long championship and there’s 160 points still to be won. […]

Why Max Mosley should resign

Having read Max Mosley’s statement about the News of the World allegations my opinion has not changed very much from what I first wrote about the scandal on Sunday: The News of the World?s story makes a lot of references to ??Nazi-style? behaviour, but it?s not clear from the evidence whether that?s actually an accurate […]

Mosley refuses to resign over scandal

Max Mosley has issued a statement about the infamous News of the World allegations, two days after the claims were made by the newspaper. Mosley claimed he has been the target of, “a covert investigation of my private life and background has been undertaken by a group specialising in such things, for reasons and clients […]

2008 Bahrain GP preview: Ferrariland

On paper, Bahrain should be an easy win for Ferrari. The team have usually been strong here, with victories in 2004 and 2007, and the slimmest of defeats in 2006 (to a seriously inspired Fernando Alonso). Plus the F2008 seems to have a decisive edge in performance over the McLaren MP4-23s at the moment. Is […]

Ecclestone changes tune on Mosley

Bernie Ecclestone has changed his mind about the Max Mosley scandal and admitted it creates problems for Formula 1. Ecclestone previously said: “What people do privately is up to them. I don?t honestly believe [the scandal] affects the sport in any way.” However he is quoted in today’s Times saying Mosley should not go to […]