Hamilton penalty: FIA closes the stable door after the horse has bolted (Video)

Five days after the Hamilton penalty controversy the FIA has announced how drivers should behave if they cut a corner and gain an advantage while racing a driver for position. According to Autosport: Drivers [have been] informed that in the event of a driver cutting a chicane and gaining a position, he not only had […]

Italian GP history 1989-2007 (Video)


Journeyer finishes off his look at the history of the Italian Grand Prix with a final selection of videos. See part one and part two. Modern-day Monza is the last one of a dying breed. It is the last proper low-downforce track on the calendar. With Hockenheim’s revision in 2002, Monza’s value to the calendar […]

Italian Grand Prix live blogs and info

Join in live discussion during all the sessions of this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix at F1 Fanatic. Details of all the live blogs are below plus useful information about the Italian Grand Prix race weekend.

2008 Italian Grand Prix predictions

The expectation of wet weather at this weekend?s Italian Grand Prix makes the result harder to predict. Where we might have expected the usual Ferrari-McLaren battle at the front, the likes of Robert Kubica and Fernando Alonso will be rubbing their hands with glee in anticipation of precipitation. Find out who did best with the […]

Italian Grand Prix preview (Video)


Here’s the Red Bulletin Italian Grand Prix preview video. It features a 3D guide to the track, and Murray Walker’s thoughts on the famous Ferrari one-two in 1988, shortly after the death of Enzo Ferrari.

Can Force India beat Honda at Monza? (2008 Italian Grand Prix preview)

The battle at the back of the grid has become closer in recent races with Force India taking the fight to Honda and Williams-Toyota. Will Monza offer Force India, with their powerful Ferrari engines, a realistic chance of beating Honda, whose engine is believed to be one of the weakest?

McLaren F1 videos to watch and share


Here’s some new video material that McLaren fans in particular might enjoy. The team’s sponsors Vodafone have created a video player with a set of six short videos about the team you can watch and share on sites such as Facebook and MySpace. Have a look at the McLaren F1 video player now. You can […]

Italian GP history 1970-1988 (Video)


Here’s the second part of Journeyer’s guide to the Italian Grand Prix – part one is here. Monza has always been known as the ‘Temple of Speed’. But in the early 1970s many were thinking there was too much speed. Following the events of 1970, Monza would start putting chicanes in place to slow the […]

Monza looks like being another wet race (2008 Italian Grand Prix preview)

The 2008 F1 season could see a fourth race hit by rain this weekend. A wet Italian Grand Prix is very rare but there are strong predictions for wet weather during qualifying this weekend as well as the Grand Prix itself.

Belgian GP: team mate performances

After the European Grand Prix I created a series of charts to see how the race lap times by the drivers in each of the top three teams compared. This time I’ve repeated the exercise for all 20 drivers in the Belgian Grand Prix. Which drivers coped best with the wet weather? Which team mates […]

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