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The Genocide Grand Prix?

With the Olympic Games being held in Beijing this year many influential people have used the opportunity afforded by the publicity to attack China’s abysmal human rights record and support for regimes that perpetrate genocide. F1’s had a Chinese Grand Prix since 2004. So are none of F1’s millions of fans bothered about being tainted […]

Max Mosley is an F1 blogs fan

Max Mosley had several important and interesting things to say in his latest interview with The Times but what grabbed my attention was the but where he admitted to reading F1 blogs: I don?σΤιΌΤδσt mind flak ?σΤιΌΤΗ£ I come from a family where we have had flak all our lives ?σΤιΌΤΗ£ but I realise some […]

The Ben Evans column: Slowdown

Anyone with even a passing interest in the non-motorsport world cannot failed to have noticed a global recession is on the horizon. Those who like their economics with a whiff of F1 will have noted that the teams are finding it harder to pull in those all important sponsorship dollars. A disaster, surely? In the […]

Joyless Kent NIMBYs spoil British Touring Car finale

Very disappointing to read that the 2008 British Touring Car finale can’t be held on the full length Brands Hatch circuit. Once again the noise restriction regulations are to blame – nearby home owners crying “Not In My Back Yard” prevent the circuit from being able to use the excellent Grand Prix loop for more […]

What F1 can learn (and forget) about NASCAR


I watched the first round of the 2008 NASCAR season yesterday – the Daytona 500. I’m not a big fan of the style of racing but I’ve got a list as long as my arm of the things F1 can learn from NASCAR’s presentation.

Your questions: Team mate crashes and more

Here’s a selection of F1 questions I’ve been emailled recently – and my attempts at answering them. If you’ve got a question do email it in and please help out with any of the requests below if you can…

Fauzy wins another shambolic race at Sentul

Fairuz Fauzy converted pole position into victory in the wet sprint race at Sentul. But he was helped by the fact that so few laps were completed at race speed. Little had apparently been done to correct the numerous embarrassing organisational problems evident in yesterday’s race – cars were left in gravel traps for laps […]

Video: F1 testing at Jerez (part 5)


Here’s an hour of footage from the last F1 test at Jerez with several interesting moments. Robert Kubica’s BMW seems to make an unusual sound under braking – are the team running a new system to aid the car under deceleration? And David Coulthard is caught spinning off the track as high winds caused problems […]

Race Without End (Maurice Hamilton, 1994)

“Race Without End” is the story of the Jordan Grand Prix’s 1993 season.

Poll: do you watch F1 and NASCAR?

Formula 1 and NASCAR. Are they polar opposites with entirely different groups of fans, or can you enjoy them both? This poll has now closed – see the F1 and NASCAR poll results. See the results of the previous poll.