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F1 news review: McLaren pulled back into spy row

Top McLaren personnel Ron Dennis, Martin Whitmarsh, Paddy Lowe and Mike Coughlan (who is still ‘suspended’ rather than ‘fired’) are among those to face questioning from Italian magistrates conducting their own investigation into the spying case. Plus further developments in the Lewis Hamilton racism row, interviews with past F1 greats Stirling Moss and Dan Gurney, […]

Force India reveal their 2008 F1 car: the VJM01

Force India have revealed the livery for their first F1 car, dubbed the VJM01, presumably named after team owner Vijay Mallya. The car is last year’s Spyker F8-VII B-spec in an attractive new white, gold and dark grey livery with red stripes. Force India also seem to have attracted several new sponsors which is an […]

2008 F1 testing round-up 6: Bahrain

Ferrari and Toyota left the other F1 teams behind by testing in Bahrain this week – perhaps McLaren wished they’d followed them after the events at the Circuit de Catalunya? It may prove an advantage for them as the other teams are not likely to test at Bahrain before its Grand Prix, but Ferrari and […]

Bernie Ecclestone makes demands for Silverstone

Bernie Ecclestone has explained what Silverstone need to do if it is to keep the British Grand Prix for 2010 and beyond. It gives rare insight into how stringent his requirements are: What other countries would normally do is enter into a commercial agreement. We would want a letter of credit to cover two years’ […]

Video: F1 testing at Barcelona (part 3)

Here are two more videos of the recent Formula 1 tests, covering the session most of the teams attended last week at the Circuit de Catalunya. It includes footage of Red Bull’s unusual new rear engine cover design as well as a couple of the drivers making mistakes and going off.

Kimi Raikkonen shows Ferrari speed at Bahrain

Shortly before the start of the 2004 season, Michael Schumacher and Ferrari tested the new Bridgestone tyres at Imola and suddenly found they were whole seconds quicker than the opposition. Kimi Raikkonen’s highly competitive lap times at Bahrain today may have reminded Ferrari’s rivals of that moment. But with only Toyota testing alongside them it’s […]

F1 news review: racism row

The British papers today have some conflicting reports on the reaction in Spain: “Spanish media chose to overlook latest incident” (The Times) “Spanish view: ‘Hooligans’ abuse Hamilton” (Daily Telegraph) I’m not sure I agree with The Times’s opinion piece. Some F1 sites have reported about coverage of the incident in Spain, although it is unclear […]

1985 South African Grand Prix flashback

Grand Prix flashback

I never hesitate to grumble when I feel F1’s governing body has done something wrong, so I think they should be applauded for their prompt handling of the racism row that erupted over the weekend. Likewise the Spanish motor sport authorities and the operators of the Circuit de Catalunya have made all the right moves […]

Was Dennis to blame in McLaren’s Hungary row?

At the heart of last year’s biggest controversy, the after-effects of which were still visible in the spectator enclosures at Barcelona this weekend, is a rather pathetic row about who swore at who in the heat of the moment. The explosive fall-out between Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso at the Hungarian Grand Prix set in […]

2008 F1 testing round-up 5

Ferrari and Toyota stayed away from this week’s test at the Circuit de Catalunya, and with Super Aguri still absent that left eight teams testing at the track near Barcelona. The test was marred by ugly scenes as some of the spectators that showed up hurled racist taunts and abuse at Lewis Hamilton. And for […]