Four tracks linked to future French GP

With Bernie Ecclestone insisting that this year’s French Grand Prix really will be the last one held at Magny-Cours, all kinds of rumours have sprung up about where the race might be held in the future. Here are four of the tales doing the rounds this weekend – all highly speculative.

French GP preview: Predictions

Who’s going to win the French Grand Prix? Ferrari look set to be very strong this weekend and Lewis Hamilton is out of contention for the win before practice has even begun. Read my podium prediction below and make your own.

F1 blogs & more: At least two lawsuits

Disgruntled Japanese F1 fans are suing the Fuji International Speedway, home of the Japanese Grand Prix. And an even more disgruntled ex-F1 tester is suing his former team. Read my selection of F1 highlights from around the web below including James Allen reacting to criticism of his comments about Lewis Hamilton and Ayrton Senna, Jacques […]

Video: French GP history 1980-2008

Journeyer concludes his look back on the history of the French Grand Prix – read part one here. A Leyton House leading a race? A driver winning after making four pit stops? The French Grand Prix has seen some highly unusual developments.

“Race to Win: How to become a Complete Champion Driver” (Derek Daly)

Everyone I’ve shown this book to has been quick to point out that Derek Daly was never a champion. Not in Formula 1 or CART, the two most senior categories he competed in between 1978 and 1989, before racing sports cars. But does that disqualify him from writing a book on how to become a […]

1982 South African Grand Prix flashback

Grand Prix flashback

F1 drivers went on strike ahead of the 1982 South African Grand Prix when the sport’s governing body tried to force them to sign restrictive new contracts.

2008 French Grand Prix preview: Last Tango in Magny-Cours

For the second year in a row Formula 1 heads to the Circuit de Nevers in Magny-Cours expecting it to be the final visit. I?ve never found it the most exciting of F1 circuits – in fact, for me it’s the closest track I haven’t been to. And when we discussed the expected dropping of […]

Video: French GP history 1906-79


Journeyer is back with another two-part look at Grand Prix history. This week it’s the turn of the French Grand Prix. France has always been an important country for motorsport – for it has contributed so much. It is most noted for two things. It is the home of the Le Mans 24 Hours and […]

Fernando Alonso takes a swipe at Lewis Hamilton over driving errors

These days interviews with drivers tend to be the same recycled PR platitudes over and over. ‘The team did a great job’. ‘The car was really good’. ‘We’re looking forward to the next race’. ‘For sure’. It’s unusual to hear one of them slagging off their rivals as Fernando Alonso has with Lewis Hamilton today: […]

Silverstone F1 test almost sold out

Tickets for two of the three days of the F1 test at Silverstone from 24-26th June have sold out. They have already announced race day tickets for the British Grand Prix have sold out as well. There are tickets remaining for the test on Tuesday 24th of June and, as with tickets for the other […]