More ‘spin’ off the track for Alonso

“Stop whining, start winning”. “Strain getting to suffering Alonso”. Just two of the rather sensational headlines in this morning’s papers. The cause? A few recent comments from Fernando Alonso which people have taken out of context to varying degrees.

F1 in the news

In the F1 news this week: Banned fags, Dubai drags and did you know that pork is the other white meat?

Why did Rubens Barrichello sue Orkut?

Rubens Barrichello’s pursuit of legal action of may have severe implications for online debate of Formula One – depending on which story concerning the action is accurate. Pitpass and have reported that Barrichello had a number of Orkut’s ‘communities’ closed down for material that he considered “offensive and pejorative”. Pitpass draws an interesting […]

Renault’s wheel man moved

The mechanic who has apparently cost Fernando Alonso fifteen championship points has been moved in a ‘reshuffle’ of the pit lane crew according to Renault. It is not clear whether the mechanic who dropped a wheel nut during a pit stop at the Chinese Grand Prix, costing Alonso a potential win, is the same person […]

F1 Stats Update: China

Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher are tied at the top of the championship table – but they wouldn’t be if the sport were still using the pre-2003 points system. Take a statistical look at the 2006 championship so far in our post-race stats update.

Michael Schumacher: Weasel?

Michael Schumacher has been nominated for the ‘weaseliest sports person of the year’ award on the website of the popular newspaper cartoon Dilbert. The annual ‘Weasel of the Year’ awards single out individuals who, “operate in that vast gray area between good ethical behaviour and the sort of activities that might send you to jail.” […]

Japanese Grand Prix 2006 preview

One thing is certain heading into this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix – if it’s better than last year’s it will be one of the greatest races ever. With the drivers’ and constructors’ championships almost unbelievably close the tension between the Renault and Ferrari camps is unreal – and it gets exponentially greater with each passing […]

Could Peugeot make an F1 comeback?

Peugeot signalled the expansion of their high-level motor sports activities atthe Paris Motor Show last week with the unveiling of their 908 Le Mans racer. Like the Audi R10 that dominated this year’s race, Peugeot’s car features a V12 turbo diesel engine. The French team won the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1992 and 1993 […]

First Caparo T1 hits the road

Caparo Vehicle Technologies have begun road testing the first prototype of their ‘F1 car for the road’, the T1. The car was designed by ex-McLaren men Ben Scott-Geddes and Graham Halstead who worked on the famous McLaren F1. The car will be built in Basingstoke and the first examples will be delivered next year. If […]

Chinese Grand Prix 2006 media review

The championship battle just gets closer – in fact it couldn’t be any tighter. Have a look at the highlights from the national newspapers… Tags: f1 / formula one / grand prix / motor sport