Who will be fourth-placed team? (Poll)

Behind the Ferrari-versus-McLaren-and-maybe-BMW battle for the constructors’ championship is an even closer battle for fourth place in the F1 teams’ title race. Toyota, Red Bull and Renault have been the closest contenders for the honours this year, with Williams falling back and Toro Rosso making a late surge. Which of these five will claim ‘best […]

A brief history of pit stops in F1 (video)


Steve suggested I write an article about how pit stops have changed in F1 and, following the controversy over Ferrari’s pit stop at Valencia, I thought now would be a good time to take a look at it. When the world championship began in 1950 pit stops were fairly disorganised affairs. But as the sport […]

Would you boo at an F1 race? (Video)


Lewis Hamilton got an unsurprisingly hostile welcome from sections of the crowd at Valencia during last weekend’s European Grand Prix. (However there have been no reports of any repeat of the racist taunting directed at him in Spain earlier this year). Hamilton’s not the first driver to have been the target of a hostile crowd […]

Holiday and Gravatars

I’m away on holiday for the next week but F1 Fanatic will continue to be updated with plenty of new content from me, plus a selection of articles from guest writers. And if that’s not enough to be getting on with you can check out the top 100 most-commented F1 Fanatic articles, join the discussion […]

Olympians, like F1 drivers, told to keep their celebrations under control

The international running-and-jumping festival Olympics finally came to a close over the weekend. As a sporting event it?s not really to my taste as there aren?t any racing cars involved, and apparently never will be. Oh well. What I find just as disappointing is the organisers take the same dim view of victory celebrations as […]

Peter Windsor vs Darrell Waltrip on F1

We’ve approached the difficult question of passing in F1 from several angles on F1 Fanatic. Last night I found a fascinating video from the American TV channel Speed where F1 journalist Peter Windsor and ex-NASCAR driver Darrel Waltrip approach the question from opposite ends of the motor racing spectrum:

One To Watch: Sebastien Buemi

One To Watch

Sebastien Buemi will drive for Toro Rosso during their three-day test in September as the team decide whether to give him an F1 seat for 2009.

Valencia: team mate versus team mate

Lap times don’t lie – so what can they tell us about the performances of the top three teams’ drivers in the European Grand Prix? Here’s a comparison of their lap times at Valencia – Kimi Raikkonen vs Felipe Massa, Lewis Hamilton vs Heikki Kovalainen and Nick Heidfeld vs Robert Kubica.

F1 blogs & more: Coulthard’s crashes

A round up of interesting F1 blog posts and news items from the past few days. Including rumours of unhappiness at Force India, David Coulthard being urged to quit F1 sooner rather than later, and one fan who really, really likes Peter Windsor…

Bruno Senna – will he be in F1 in 2009?

Bruno Senna has been linked to at least three different F1 teams for the 2009 season including Scuderia Toro Rosso, BMW and McLaren. The latter is the team his uncle Ayrton Senna won all three of his world championships for. Will Bruno Senna be the next GP2 driver to break into F1? Will he get […]

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