F1 links: Provisional BBC F1 schedule

Formula One goes on economy drive "But what drove me to distraction was all this one-stop strategy, two-stop strategy business and the times when positions only changed when someone stopped at the garage. This virtual overtaking didn't make for satisfactory sport." Early deetails of 2009 BBC F1 coverage "I have also managed to get a […]

2008 F1 season in 99 pictures


With 2008 drawing to a close, here’s a look back at 12 months of Formula 1 in pictures. From the launch of the 2008 cars, to the first glimpses of the strange creations we’ll watch in 2009, here’s 99 pictures that I think capture some of the most exciting, controversial, and funny moments of 2008. […]

Ecclestone’s response to Montezemolo is an attempt to break FOTA’s unity

2009 F1 season

Ecclestone called the Ferrari president a "press officer" When Bernie Ecclestone has something to say, he calls the The Times: Ferrari get so much more money than everyone else. They know exactly what they get, they are not that stupid, although they are not that bright, either. They get about $80 million (about £54 million) […]

Did you go to a race in 2008?

Did you visit a Grand Prix in 2008? If so, please take a moment to share your opinions about the experience with other fans who’ve been to the same venues:

Why teams could build two cars for 2009 to get the maximum out of KERS

Robert Kubica has given some insight into how Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS) are influencing 2009 car design: Our car for sure will also run without KERS. And it is my opinion that the car built without KERS can go quicker compared to the car that was built with KERS but is not using it. […]

FOTA wants more money for F1 teams – it should get some for circuits too

Having taken on Max Mosley over F1 cost cutting – and come out with some positive changes for the sport – the Formula One Teams’ Association is now aiming to get a bigger share of F1’s revenue. FOTA president Luca di Montezemolo told Gazzetta dello Sport: I’ve known Ecclestone since 1973, and I think he’s […]

2009: Hamilton vs Alonso Part 2?

Almost lost among the news of the many cost cutting changes made by the FIA last week was the news that Renault will be allowed to increase the power of their engine to catch up to the other teams. This raises the prospect of Fernando Alonso being able once again to challenge for wins all […]

Five last-minute F1 gift ideas

Update: Find the new F1 Fanatic gift guide for 2012 here: 2012 F1 Fanatic Gift Guide Still need a present for the F1 fan in your life? Here’s five last-minute ideas including the five most popular purchases by F1 Fanatic readers, a brand new model of Lewis Hamilton’s Brazilian Grand Prix McLaren MP4/23, a special […]

Max Mosley’s U-turns for 2009 and 2010

You can accuse Max Mosley of many things, but you can’t accuse him of being consistent. The next two years will see at least three reversals of major policy decisions taken by Mosley during his 17-year presidency of the FIA. Why the U-turns? Is Mosley being forced to take decisions he doesn’t agree with? Is […]

Will a buyer be found for Honda? (Poll)

Almost two weeks have passed since Honda made the shock announcement it was selling its F1 team. The deadline for what Honda calls a ‘credible’ buyer to be identified is a little over two weeks away. Will one be found?

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