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F1 Video special: Advertising breakdown


Formula One and adverts do not go well together – as anyone who was watching ITV’s live broadcast of the Japanese Grand Prix knows (ITV cut away to adverts just as Michael Schumacher’s crucial engine failure was unfolding.) F1 drivers in adverts is a recipe for comedy, though: the sub-soap opera acting, the cheesy smiles, […]

Toyota slate Trulli for not breaking rules

Toyota drivers Ralf Schumacher and Jarno Trulli slipped from third and fourth at the start of the Japanese Grand Prix to seventh and sixth by the end. Trulli nipped ahead of Ralf at the first pit stops and despite the fact that Ralf was clearly quicker, the Italian prevailed. Trulli may have done a good […]

F1 in the news

In this week’s round-up of F1 stories – Turkey put themselves back in the firing line for an even bigger fine, Honda poach the Emirates and everyone is putting their money on Michael Schumacher. Read on for more… (all links external)

Places not points revisited

Before the Japanese Grand Prix I described what I feel are the merits of doing away with championship points and intead giving the championship to the driver with the ‘most best finishes’. Given the dramatic twist the championship took at Suzuka I think it’s worth having a second look at how the top six of […]

What the FIA’s F1 survey really tells us

“This reaffirms the view that Formula One is an important showcase for technology,”? trumpeted the FIA’s press release on the publication of the results of the 2006 FIA/AMD F1 survey. But the same survey also showed that the number of people who felt that technology was the most exciting aspect of F1 fell compared to […]

Michael Schumacher: The face of pace

This exceptional photograph is just one from the Michel Comte collection, “The Face of Pace: Schumacher and Ferrari Scuderia photographed by Michel Comte” which recently opened in Maranello, Italy. Comte, a renowned photographer, spent 15 years following the Ferrari team and Michael Schumacher (although surely not both together, since they only joined forces in 1996) […]

Down to the wire

F1 history

The battle for the Formula One drivers’ championship has gone down to the final race. As much as F1 gets slated for being ‘predictable’, this is not as unusual an event as you might think.

Trackside: A1 Grand Prix

Another look at the A1 Grand Prix debate in last week’s Trackside. Related links??? – Trackside: Can A1 be number one? (external) Tags: f1 / formula one / grand prix / motor sport

2006 Stats Update – Japan

The Japanese Grand Prix changed the complexion of the championships radically. Have a look at who can win what, and how, in our stats update.

Gallery: Farewell Suzuka

Yesterday’s Grand Prix may be the last we ever see at Suzuka. That would be a terrible shame, however good the Fuji Speedway turns out, because Suzuka is one of those truly special circuits that defines the sport and drips with its history. With that in mind, we’ve compiled 36 stunning Suzuka shots to remember […]