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Brazilian Grand Prix 2006 Media Review

It was fascinating to see how the different newspapers treated the final race of the season, the final race of Michael Schumacher’s career, and the crowning of Fernando Alonso as the youngest ever double champion. On several papers F1 made a rare intrusion onto the front page. Others apparently preferred the less dignified image of […]

Alonso triumphs in final duel with Schumacher

2006 Brazilian Grand Prix review

Michael Schumacher delivered a spellbinding performance that recalled his most memorable victories but Fernando Alonso claimed the championship.

Alonso vs Schumacher: The final chapter

Tomorrow will see the final battle between Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher – the two great drivers of Formula One today. With a fired-up Schumacher starting tenth and a conservatively-minded Alonso fourth the two must surely cross paths at some point during the Brazilian Grand Prix. It’s a terrible pity that this intense rivaly is […]

Nothing from FIA on championship clashes

Michael Schumacher said he “doesn’t want to think about” winning the championship if Fernando Alonso is unable to score points at the Brazilian Grand Prix on Sunday. Felipe Massa insisted “I am going to be honest…. I am not going to be dirty” and Flavio Briatore has given his vote of confidence that he expects […]

F1 in the blogs

The first what will hopefully become a weekly look at what F1 bloggers are writing about. It’s no surprise that speculation about the championship cliffhanger and Michael Schumacher’s retirement are top of the list this week.

F1 in the news

The press begin their farewells to Michael Schumacher and although Lewis Hamilton is put on hold Peter Windsor is still championing him. Jenson Button, meanwhile, is told to buck up – by Bernie Ecclestone. Also in the F1 news this week circuits are in the spotlight as Imola looks set to miss out on a […]

New ’07 & ’08 rules: Good, bad and ugly

The permanent revolution that the F1 rules have undergone since 2003 will continue in 2007 and 2008 with another raft of new regulations from the World Motorsports Council (WMSC). Taken together the changes aren’t quite as fundamental as the shift to two-race engines or the changing of the points system were. But we can expect […]

Maxi Mosley inside the place

Faced with the formidable debating skills and forthright opinions of President Max Mosley, those who disagree with his deeply divisive views have turned to all manner of methods of attack. But I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve heard it being done in a satirical Jamaican dub stylee: Well the GPMA forgot to […]

Sealed with a win

Plenty has been written about the points system change that was made in Formula One three years ago. The most obvious and compelling criticism is that giving eight points for second compared to ten for a win means there is too little reward for pushing for a win. An interesting piece of evidence of this […]

ITV rubbish their own coverage

ITV’s often-criticised Formula One coverage has come under fresh attack – from its own TV text service. Their TV text service Teletext carries a story which slates ITV for missing Michael Schumacher’s retirement in Japan during an advert break (“not the first time television coverage has disappointed this season…another numbing low point”), points out that […]