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Ferrari has an unusual new nose

Rumours began circulating that Ferrari were readying a radical new nose cone arrangement several weeks ago. They finally tested the device in public at Barcelona today and Autosport has a picture. Ferrari has essentially created a slotted hole in the nose through which air can pass. It allows air to flow at high pressure through […]

Webber: Piquet & Nakajima are no use

Mark Webber has given an amusingly frank assessment of F1 rookies Nelson Piquet Jnr and Kazuki Nakajima. Asked how well his Red Bull team would fare compared to Renault and Williams he replied: We have two drivers. Williams and Renault have only one. We must extract the full potential from the current car as quickly […]

Why Mosley should quit – in his words

I’ve been working on a short biography of Max Mosley for the “Who’s Who” section on the website and while reading an old interview with him I came across a very good argument for why he should resign. And he made the case himself. Here it is:

Should Force India have Indian drivers?

Hoshiyar had this to say about Adrian Sutil in a recent discussion: To have Force India without an Indian pilot is ridiculous. Narain [Karthikeyan] can take the bull by its horn and come in front of fisi each and every time. To not even have tried him for the race seat?? its clear where Vijay […]

The Ben Evans column: Driving Dijon

At the very moment that F1 Fanatics were tuning in to the Bahrain Grand Prix I was busy reliving one of the greatest F1 battles of all time racing at Dijon-Prenois. Dijon was home to F1 racing on and off from 1972 through to 1984, before falling into an international decline that was completed with […]

Video: Jon Lancaster in huge F3 Euro crash

Jon Lancaster suffered this gigantic crash in the first round of the F3 Euroseries championship today. But the shocking somersault left him with only bruising. Lancaster hit the rear of Jean Karl Vernay’s car and flipped end-over-end, sliding off the track and clipping Dani Clos’s car before flipping the right way up again. Lancaster will […]

Bahrain Grand Prix round-up

Did Felipe Massa’s less stressed engine help him beat Kimi Raikkonen? Why did the Ferraris have much higher top speeds than the opposition? Did wing failure cause Lewis Hamilton’s collision with Fernando Alonso? Here’s my round-up of the stories from the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Commentating: How hard can it be…

I know a lot of British F1 fans get irritated by ITV commentator James Allen. I’ve never been a big fan either but I’ve tried not to get too drawn into the Allen-bashing because, much like when it comes to discussing the talents of F1 drivers, I’ve never done it so I don’t feel I […]

New stuff on the Facebook Group

A quick reminder about the F1 Fanatic Facebook Group: There’s over 100 members on there now and there are a number of discussions going about future stuff on the site I’d like to get feedback on including: The F1Fanatic Court Tips on commenting The Cool Wall What made F1 great? You can also watch many […]

The coverage of the Mosley scandal on The Times F1 blog is missing something

As ever The Times’s Ed Gorman is doing a first-rate job covering the developments in the latest big F1 story – his blog is one I check daily without fail. Yesterday he wrote, “this affair is going to seep like an open wound and infect everything the FIA does between now and then and especially […]