Debate: is F1 too fast for Montreal?

Last year F1 fans held their breath as Robert Kubica’s BMW ricocheted off the retaining wall at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve with sickening force. Faced with the task of improving the safety provisions at that bend the organisers have decided the best thing they could do was to bring the wall closer to the track. […]

Video: Canadian GP history 1999-2007


F1 Fanatic guest writer Journeyer concludes his second part of the history of the Canadian Grand Prix which he began yesterday. In the past decade the Canadian Grand Prix has gained a reputation as a chaotic race, and the bumpy kerbs and ever-present walls conspire to create dramatic races. Here’s a look at some of […]

CART drivers who raced in F1: From Andretti to Zanardi part 5


One of the biggest names to cross from F1 to CART was Nigel Mansell – who did so after winning the 1992 F1 championship and claimed the Champ Car title at his first attempt. He wasn’t the only F1 champion to try his hand at CART – Alan Jones did as well, though only for […]

Another sports car flips: Marc Gene destroys Peugeot in Le Mans 24 Hours practice A little over a month after Stephane Ortelli’s horrific crash at Monza another sports car has been destroyed in an accident where the car flipped. Ex-F1 driver Marc Gene flipped his Peugeot 908 HDi in a practice session for the Le Mans 24 Hours race next week. He suffered a hairline fracture of his […]

Tyre warmers set for 2009 ban

Bridgestone is standing firm by its desire to see tyre warmers banned next year despite strong opposition from some teams and drivers. Director of motorsport tyre development Hirohide Hamashima said: Bridgestone has said to the FIA that we have confidence in (producing) a good specification of tyres, in terms of grip and handling, without tyre […]

2008 Canadian GP preview: BMW

Last year Nick Heidfeld scored BMW?σΤιΌΤδσs best result of the season at Montreal ?σΤιΌΤΗ£ and 12 months on he badly needs a repeat of that form. Heidfeld generally held the upper hand over his highly rated team mate Robert Kubica last year. But Kubica has turned things around with a string of consistent points finishes […]

Video: Canadian GP history 1977-98


This weekend is the 30th anniversary of F1’s first world championship race at Montreal. F1 Fanatic guest writer Journeyer takes us through the history of the race at the track we now call the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve – starting with the last Canadian Grand Prix not held at the track. The Canadian Grand Prix has […]

Ten questions on the Mosley scandal

Max Mosley’s win in the FIA confidence vote leaves F1 in an odd situation. The president of its regulatory body is an international laughing stock, and yet somehow the sport has to find a way to go on. How did Mosley win the vote – and what will happen next? Here are some of my […]

Video: 2008 Canadian GP preview


Here’s the Canadian Grand Prix preview video featuring a preview of the circuit Gilles Villeneuve, a look at the remodelled Silverstone pits, and Murray Walker’s favourite F1 memories.

2008 Canada preview: too close to call

I had hoped the 2008 F1 season wouldn’t involve as much waiting for news from Paris on the latest FIA verdicts as 2007 did, but the scandal season is already well underway. Nevertheless I don’t intend to let the goings-on regarding Max Mosley interfere with the usual race weekend coverage at F1 Fanatic especially as […]