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Alain Prost goes ice racing

I’ve always thought it strange that most motor racing stops during the winter – precisely when driving conditions are at their most challenging. There’s precious little motor racing action aside from A1 Grand Prix at this time of year. But happily the French ice racing championship Andros Trophy is underway – and four times F1 […]

New year’s resolutions for F1 drivers

Having made my usual new year’s resolutions (about drinking less coffee and spending less time on writing F1 Fanatic) I dreamt up a few resolutions I’d like F1 drivers and other figures to take. Here are 20 resolutions I thought up – suggest some of your own in the comments box below…

Super Aguri to keep Takuma Sato and Anthony Davidson?

There’s been little sign of what the future might hold for Super Aguri. But assuming they are on the grid this year it looks as though they will keep their 2007 line-up of Takuma Sato and Anthony Davidson, following remarks by managing director Daniele Audetto: He’s doing a fantastic job. I think Anthony is proving […]

Kimi Raikkonen ‘should be three-times champion’

You’d expect Kimi Raikkonen’s manager David Robertson to have a high opinion of his client but I thought his suggestion last month that Raikkonen should already be a three-timee champion was a bit much to take: Two championships have been taken away from Kimi. He would be the youngest champion ever without McLaren’s reliability issues. […]

Imagining ‘Formula X’

Has Formula one lost sight of its purpose to be the ultimate form of motor racing with cars at the absolute cutting edge of technology? The FIA’s recent plans to reduce teams’ use of wind tunnels is just the latest in a long line of steps taken to reduce the development of Formula 1 cars. […]

When did Ron Dennis say this?

Remembers this quote from McLaren’s Ron Dennis?: Did they have team uniform on? Then they were hardly spying, were they? I thought that if you are out of uniform then you are a spy but when you are in uniform you are ‘gathering intelligence!’ We are doing nothing that everybody else doesn’t do, except that […]

F1 blogs review: Goodbye 2007, hello 2008

There’s plenty of looks back at 2007 and predictions for 2008 in the F1 blogs this week. Plus some more thoughts on the 2007 F1 season DVD, Ralf Schumacher… and Jos Verstappen.

F1 news review: Mosley backs Raikkonen

Max Mosley gave a revealing interview to The Guardian this week in which he said he was glad to see Kimi Raikkonen win the world championship following the spy scandal between McLaren and Ferrari. Plus the sports writers look back on 2007, Ralf Schumacher dumps his manager and Alexander Wurz looks to a career in […]

Lapped legends: Piercarlo Ghinzani

It is one thing to spend a season or two in a bad car or under-performing team. But it’s quite another to pass an entire decade in this fashion, scoring only two points in 111 Grands Prix. This is the story of Piercarlo Ghinzani.

Which ‘blatantly illegal car’ won a championship?

I’ve long enjoyed Nigel Roebuck’s writings on Formula 1 and I’ll miss my weekly dose of the ‘Fifth Column’ and ‘Ask Nigel’ when he departs Autosport for Motor Sport next year. His final ‘Ask Nigels’ have been especially entertaining but this startling claim really caught my eye: Anyone in the paddock, for example, will tell […]