Williams FW11/FW11B (1986-7) pictures

Nigel Mansell, Williams, Brands Hatch, 1986

Williams were the team to beat in the middle of the eighties with their Honda-engined FW11 and FW11B, winning both constructors championships.

A puncture denied Nigel Mansell the drivers championship in 1986, and the following year team mate Nelson Piquet claimed the title after Mansell was injured in the penultimate race.

But despite scoring 18 wins in 32 races during the car’s two years of service, Honda ceased their engine supply to Williams at the end of 1987, switching to McLaren.

An FW11C had been built to run a test version of Honda’s 3.5-litre engine for the forthcoming ban on turbos in 1989, but due to the loss of the contract it never ran with that engine.

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