Roberto Merhi, Manor, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2015

Rate the Race: Circuit ratings

The data below breaks down every single one of over a hundred thousand votes cast in Rate the Race to give an average rating out of ten for the races at each track Formula One has raced at since 2008:

2Circuit Gilles Villeneuve7.665.549.199
3Circuit of the Americas7.335.409.105
7Albert Park7.214.758.6410
8Shanghai International Circuit7.134.459.2410
10Sepang International Circuit7.005.288.459
11Bahrain International Circuit6.994.599.109
12Istanbul Park6.855.287.984
13Baku City Circuit6.764.738.792
14Korea International Circuit6.745.167.544
18Red Bull Ring6.555.608.104
20Circuit de Catalunya6.514.928.7110
21Yas Marina6.465.028.858
24Buddh International Circuit5.755.196.503
25Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez5.695.445.942
27Valencia Street Circuit5.493.878.785
28Sochi Autodrom5.334.066.974

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11 comments on “Rate the Race: Circuit ratings”

  1. It would be interesting to know if these circuit differences are statistically significant. Calculate the 95% standard deviation for each circuit to give +/- range. If the range’s don’t overlap then they are significant

    1. hardly possible with so little data points per circuit.
      I recollect it is something like (assuming race rating at a circuit is normally distributed based on the ‘racing value’ of a circuit):
      – to calculate a sample SD you need at least 2 data points (races at that circuit)
      – And to get 95% likelihood 2 datasets (race quality of a circuit) are not ‘overlapping’ you need 1.6xSD.

      Thus Sochi with sample Mean of 5.5 and sSD of 2.1 is (95% certain) a circuit ‘worth’ less than 8.9.
      Thus Sochi could actually be the best circuit for racing!!

      Buddh is less likely to be the best circuit with a 95% certainty that the racing value of the circuit is less than 6.9, and

      (warning: don’t read this the wrong way. I am not comparing the 2 circuits, but mainly saying that due to the few data points on Sochi it is extremely difficult to pinpoint it)

  2. Montreal is probably my favorite track, or very close to it. So this is nice to see.

  3. Yosi (@yoshif8tures)
    7th April 2016, 15:58

    Suzuka, for being such a popular track is way down the list.

    1. Suzuka is awesome to watch – period. Even if the races may suffer a bit because it’s so narrow. I guess in that regard, along with Monaco, a Rate The Weekend poll would work better for those tracks!

    2. @yoshif8tures
      2014 was a great race and would certainly have boasted the average, before the unfortunate Bianchi accident happened.

  4. Don’t know if we can draw conclusions on those circuits which have only hosted one or two races. For example, a but unfair for Mexico to be bottom of the list when it’s only had one “bite of the cherry” so far.

  5. Hungaroring!!

    1. Exactly. It has always been one of my secret favourite tracks, and I found sad that it was quite unpopular for a while. But it seems that these years we saw nice races there, and the trend is up !
      I still think that this track has some flaws. I don’t quite like the last 3 turns, and the chicane is not that nice too…

  6. Pleased to see Canada is tops! It nearly always produces a good race as does the Hungaroing.

    I’m not surprised Catalunya is near the bottom. It’s always dull as far as I can remember. Singapore is next up for the chop and Russia according to the list. I would not miss any of these.

  7. Austria will definitely go up after today! Baku deserves more.

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