Felipe Massa, Fernando Alonso, Hockenheimring, 2010

Rate the Race: The F1 Fanatic Bottom 10 Races

These are the 10 least popular Formula One races since 2008 according to readers of F1 Fanatic.

The ranking is compiled based on over 150,000 votes which were cast to give grand prix an average score out of ten. You can also view the 100 most popular races since 2008.

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10. 2017 Russian Grand Prix - 4.9/10

9. 2015 Australian Grand Prix - 4.75/10

8. 2016 European Grand Prix - 4.73/10

7. 2010 Bahrain Grand Prix - 4.59/10

6. 2015 Brazilian Grand Prix - 4.57/10

5. 2008 Chinese Grand Prix - 4.45/10

4. 2014 Russian Grand Prix - 4.06/10

3. 2008 European Grand Prix - 3.98/10

2. 2011 European Grand Prix - 3.87/10

1. 2010 German Grand Prix - 3.74/10

NB. No Rate the Race poll was held for the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix due to Jules Bianchi’s crash.

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4 comments on “Rate the Race: The F1 Fanatic Bottom 10 Races”

  1. Well, what if the Ferrari team order in Germany 2010 never happened?

  2. A few years ago I had surgery on my oesophagus (it did the trick, I’m fine!) which lead to me having to watch a grand prix in hospital drugged with painkillers and dehydrated in a heatwave. Forced my eyelids to stay open. For what? The second worst F1 race of the past 8 years apparently, noooooo!

    1. Interesting to see a 2011 race so far at the bottom. Due to some sports event I was only able to follow parts of the race but without sound. I guess I was lucky to miss that race… That Valencia track was really horrible indeed.

  3. The link to the 100 most popular races since 2008 is broken. I managed to guess the correct URL and it’s http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/rate-the-race/f1-fanatic-top-100/

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