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The new 2010 F1 rules: A quick guide 4th March 2010, 0:39

The changes to the F1 rules are not as sweeping as they were last season. But there are several significant alterations such as the ban on refuelling during races and winners getting 25 points instead of ten. And there are some other small-but-significant changes for 2010 to keep an eye on too, all of which […]

2010 F1 rules published: FIA changes post-race penalties and fuel declarations 12th February 2010, 10:36

The FIA has published the updated rules for the 2010 F1 season. F1 teams will no longer declare their starting fuel weights and post-race penalties have been changed meaning drivers could have up to half a minute added to their race time by the stewards.

Teams considering an even more generous points system for 2010 25th January 2010, 12:59

Get your calculators out again – the F1 teams are planning a further change to the 2010 points system to give even more points to those who finish in the lower half of the top ten. However the revised system, which has already been changed once since last year, would also cut the value of […]

Should drivers be forced to pit? (Poll) 18th January 2010, 9:41

Rumours continue to grow that a late change to the 2010 F1 rules will force drivers to make at least two pit stops per race. The plan has received a largely negative reaction on F1 Fanatic so far, so let’s put it to the vote and find out what most fans think of it: *This […]

Updated 2010 F1 rules include new testing, engine and safety car regulations 16th December 2009, 10:52

The FIA has published an updated version of the 2010 F1 sporting regulations. It adds many of the changes announced earlier such as the new ten-place points system and refuelling ban, as well as a few other small-but significant changes. The testing restrictions will be even tighter in 2010 and drivers who perform mutliple engine […]

FIA confirms new points system in 2010 11th December 2009, 15:27

The new points system which was surprisingly proposed by the F1 Commssion yesterday will be used in F1 in 2010. A statement from the FIA read: Due to the expanded grid of 13 teams, and further to the recommendation of the F1 Commission, a new points system will be in place for the 2010 season.

F1 2010 rules: KERS to stay 19th August 2009, 19:11

F1 cars will continue to use KERS in 2010. Despite widespread expectations that Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems would be dropped after just one year, the new F1 regulations published today includes provision for the devices. The F1 teams’ association had agreed not to use KERS next year – but I’m glad it’s staying.

How new rules will change 2010 F1 cars 30th April 2009, 19:24

The FIA has announced further details of changes to F1?s technical rules for 2010. Chief among these is the widely-expected banning of refuelling and tyre warmers. The minimum weight of the cars is also being increased from 605kg to 620kg, and there are revisions to the rules governing KERS. How are these changes, together with […]

Budget caps for F1 in 2010 17th March 2009, 18:28

F1 teams will be allowed to run to different technical regulations if they agree to limit their budgets to ??30m (??33m / $42m) under new rules put forward by the World Motor Sports Council today. According to the FIA: This figure will cover all expenditure of any kind. Anything subsidised or supplied free will be […]

The cost-cutting plans: refuelling ban 12th December 2008, 19:36

Two months ago Max Mosley rubbished FOTA?s suggestion that refuelling during F1 races could be banned. Now a refuelling ban is on the cards for 2010. What has brought about the happy change of heart at the FIA?

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