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Complete F1 Fanatic 2010 season guide 11th March 2010, 23:00

Our 2010 F1 season preview has come to an end – which is just as well because the season starts soon! Review the F1 Fanatic 2010 Season Preview in full below:

The 2010 season in 20 questions

In less than 24 hours’ times we’ll start to get answers to all the questions we have about the hugely anticipated new Formula 1 season. As is traditional, now’s the time to make your guesses on the big stories of the season ahead. Answer these 20 questions on the 2010 season below and we’ll check […]

Ferrari to edge McLaren for constructors’ title, F1 Fanatic readers say

Ferrari narrowly lead McLaren as the favourites to win this years constructors’ championship, according to F1 Fanatic readers. Over 17,500 votes were cast in the polls to name the winner of the 2010 constructors’ championship.

F1 2010 season preview: Virgin 10th March 2010, 16:49

Virgin were the first of the new teams to appear on the track in testing. But they’ve suffered mechanical and aerodynamic gremlins with their VR-01. How will they fare against the other newcomers, and can they trouble any of the established teams in their first season?

F1 2010 season preview: The rookies

The likes of Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton are always going to command the most attention in F1. But we shouldn’t overlook the rookie field of 2010, which is one of the most promising we’ve seen in years. And it includes the return of a name which is even more famous than those […]

F1 2010 season preview: Sauber

This team endured a torrid season as BMW in 2009. Until a late update to their car brought them within touching distance of the leaders in the final races. Now back under the control of Peter Sauber, will they revert to their midfield role of the pre-BMW days, or get back on the upward curve […]

Who’s got the best looking car? (Poll)

The only the thing that really matters about an F1 car is how quick it goes. But we like them to look nice too which is why I always get lots of requests at the start of the season for this poll:

2010 F1 season preview: HRT 9th March 2010, 15:31

Adrian Campos’s dream of a Spanish F1 team will be realised in 2010 – but it won’t have his name on it. A late change of ownership means the team formerly known as Campos will instead race as HRT. Their car only appeared for the first time last week and hasn’t tested yet. The learning […]

2010 F1 season preview: Lotus

Lotus were the last team to gain an entry for 2010 – but so far they look like the most promising of the new teams. Even so they’re still expecting to start the year around four seconds per lap off the pace. Can the team do justice to their historic and evocative name?

2010 F1 season preview: Toro Rosso 8th March 2010, 13:42

Last season was a reality check for Toro Rosso after their giant-killing feats in 2008. For the first time in their five-year history the team have had to manufacture their own car this season. How will they fare in 2010?

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