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Schumacher’s return: what’s changed? 8th March 2010, 9:26

October 22nd, 2006: Michael Schumacher makes his last F1 start. There are 22 cars on the grid, each with traction control, grooved Bridgestone or Michelin tyres, and a fraction of the fuel needed to complete the race. F1’s changed a lot since the last time Schumacher raced. How will he cope on his return?

2010 F1 season preview: Force India 7th March 2010, 15:50

Last year they got their first points, first pole and first podium. Can Force India carry the momentum of their 2009 breakthrough into 2010?

2010 F1 season preview: Renault 6th March 2010, 11:54

It?s a new era for Renault with a new owner, new team principal and the Alonso-Briatore-Symonds partnership consigned to the history books. The team began the last two seasons poorly. Can they get off to a better start in 2010?

2010 F1 season preview: Ferrari 4th March 2010, 23:04

Ferrari’s 2009 campaign was their least successful since 1993 and left the team with a lot of wounded pride. But they could put that behind them very quickly in 2010 with a competitive-looking car and a strong new driver line-up.

The new 2010 F1 rules: A quick guide

The changes to the F1 rules are not as sweeping as they were last season. But there are several significant alterations such as the ban on refuelling during races and winners getting 25 points instead of ten. And there are some other small-but-significant changes for 2010 to keep an eye on too, all of which […]

2010 F1 season preview: Red Bull 3rd March 2010, 16:38

Red Bull leapt from the midfield to the sharp end in 2009. Can they go one step further in 2010?

2010 F1 season preview: Mercedes 2nd March 2010, 21:54

They’re the reigning constructors’ championships and they’ve hired the most successful F1 driver ever. Surely all Mercedes have to do on their return to F1 is show up and collect the titles? It might not be quite as straightforward as that, but the title holders have a very strong hand heading into 2010.

Can Schumacher pass 100 wins in 2010?

Michael Schumacher’s career statistics must make daunting reading for his rivals. He’s already racked up more than 100 fastest laps and over 150 podium finishes. And if his Mercedes is up to the task, this year he could surpass 100 F1 career wins, something which has never been done before.

2010 F1 season preview: McLaren 1st March 2010, 23:42

They may have the current world champion, Jenson Button, and the last one, Lewis Hamilton – but can a McLaren driver capture the title in 2010? The early signs are the MP4-25 will swiftly banish the bad memories of its predecessor.

Ten things to look forward to in 2010

Testing is over and we are less than two weeks away from the start of the hotly-anticipated 2010 season. With exciting driver line-ups, more teams and a bigger calendar, there?s a lot to look forward to this year. Today we kick off the F1 Fanatic 2010 Season Preview by picking the ten most exciting storylines […]

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