Ferrari reveal 248 F1

2006 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Spies had already snapped the 248 F1 lapping Fiorano ahead of today’s launch, leading Autosport to comment on how much the new Ferrari appears to have borrowed from rivals Renault, Toyota and McLaren.

The 248 F1 marks another change in nomenclature from Ferrari, who used the F200X series from 2000. ‘248’ denotes the 2.4-litre engine and eight cylinders – perhaps they believe their engine is the ace in their hand that will win them the championship? There can’t be many other reasons to commemorate a reduction in engine capacity.

Ferrari 248 F1 launch 2006 - 1

Ferrari 248 F1 launch 2006 - 2

Ferrari 248 F1 launch 2006 - 3

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