Renault first F1 team to get blogging

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

The launch of the R26 was also the occasion for Renault to unveil their team blog. Whether they will be adding other F1 bloggers to their blogroll and starting long arguments via the comments boxes remains to be seen. Let’s hope they start sneaking a few unsolicited entries past the PR people.

Which team will be next to join the blogging community? The yoof-orientated Red Bull and Toro Rosso outfits seem the best bet, but I’m hoping we’ll see The Secret Diary of Michael Schumcher, aged 37 before too long…

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      In what may be a first, a current Formula One team has entered the Blogosphere. Blog Renault “opened” for business in late January with it’s first post and in it’s early days seems genuinely interested in what potential readers …

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