Schnaider to sell?

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Tiago Monteiro & Christijan Albers, Midland F1-Toyota, Melbourne, 2006The Daily Telegraph have reported that Alex Schnaider is keen to sell his Midland F1 team – only three races into their first ‘proper’ Formula One season.

Many commentators have been vocally sceptical about the team which is backed by Russian heavy industry company the Midland Group. The article insists that team boss Colin Kolles has held crisis talks with Bernie Ecclestone ahead of the publication of the 22 named entrants for Formula One in 2008, and that they team may not remain in F1 beyond the Monaco Grand Prix:

Schnaider is understood to have trimmed funding to such a degree that some employees fear the team may not be able to compete beyond the Monaco Grand Prix on May 28. Kolles, who persuaded Schnaider to invest in the first place, believes the only solution is for the Canadian billionaire to sell

The MF1 Online fan website had refuted similar rumours five days earlier. If Schnaider were to sell, Formula One would be back to the slim 20-car field it had from 2002 to 2005.

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  • One comment on “Schnaider to sell?”

    1. Would anyone really miss these guys if they were gone? Their PR is worse than their cars.

      Great blog BTW :)

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