“The Lost Generation” (David Tremayne, 2006)

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After James Hunt’s World Championship victory in 1976 there wasn’t another British champion until Nigel Mansell in 1992. Even though British teams like Lotus, McLaren and Williams won championships in the intervening period, of British champions were none. That might have been very different had it not been for the untimely deaths of three promising … Continue reading “The Lost Generation” (David Tremayne, 2006)

F1 anagrams

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Merry Xmas to everyone who’s read F1Fanatic this year! Here’s a little festive fun for you – find the F1 drivers & personalities hidden in the following anagrams. My favourites are ‘barf toe ravioli’ and ‘mafia sleeps’, but I can’t claim the credit for ‘claim much cash here’, which was in F1 Racing recently…

“The Chariot Makers” (Steve Matchett, 2005)

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“The Chariot Makers” is the third book by Benetton mechanic-turned-TV commentator Steve Matchett. It follows a distinctly different approach to his previous titles “Life in the Fast Lane” and “The Mechanic’s Tale” in that instead of following a period in recent F1 history, the author explains how an F1 car is built through the fascinating … Continue reading “The Chariot Makers” (Steve Matchett, 2005)

More overtaking at Barcelona in ’07?

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The news of changes to the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona, home of the Spanish Grand Prix, provokes a mixed reaction. The changes will affect the penultimate bend ‘Europcar’ which is taken at over 200kph (125mph), the intention being to make the corner slower and therefore safer. By doing this the challenging, high-speed turn Europcar … Continue reading More overtaking at Barcelona in ’07?

Win Autocourse calendars

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There are ten Autocourse 2007 calendars to be won in this week’s Trackside, which covers Mitsubishi’s return to the World Rally Championship with the famed Lancer Evolution. Related links Autotrader.co.uk – Trackside – Lancer Evo returns to rallying (external) Tags: f1 / formula one / grand prix / motor sport