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Momentum is gathering behind a campaign for a memorial to Tom Pryce. The talented British Formula One was killed along with a marshal during the South African Grand Prix of 1977.

David Richards, former Benetton and BAR boss who will enter his own F1 team, Prodrive, in 2008, has backed the campaign for a memorial in Pryce’s home town of Ruthin, Wales:

“Tom was more than just an extraordinary Formula One racing talent, he was an unassuming down-to-earth person,” said Richards.

Pryce was a highly skilled driver who dominated the 1975 Race of Champions at Brands Hatch, a non-championship event, winning from pole position with fastest lap.

Sadly many often recall the terrible details of his fatal crash more readily than his racing ability. He was one of the three drivers whose careers feature in David Tremayne’s excellent book “The Lost Generation”.

The campaign to build a memorial to him has received strong support from F1 fans in the UK – in a poll for the Denbighshire Free Press over three-quarters of people preferred to see a statue of Pryce built rather than one of another famous local.

F1Fanatic is, naturally, 100% behind the campaign to build a statue of Pryce.

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7 comments on “Tom Pryce memorial campaign”

  1. peter H. morgan
    15th January 2007, 12:10

    In remebrance of Tom pryce.

    You may recall the team/sponsor held a Welsh driver day at Brands Hatch to find the next Tom Pryce.

    I stayed in Tam’s room the night before the test and went on to win the test in v.cold damp conditions on the Indy circuit. My wife, Dr. Sarah Morgan was there as well
    From my memory of the day,John Webb, Brian Jones, the late Tony Lamfranchi and some of the team were present.
    Unfortunate it never went anywhere although the time was competitive for the year, conditions and restriction,
    With restricted revs to 4000. I set a time of 56 sec. in the rain, some snow as well I remember
    We started in a Vauhall Firenza Formula Fords>>> Peter Morgan

  2. The members of the Augusta International Raceway Preservation Society (AIRPS) in Augusta, Georgia (USA) support this memorial project and offer any help necessary.

    The master plans for our expanding monument call for a listing of drivers lost on track and Mr. Pryce will be included.

    Henry Jones

  3. To Whom It May Concern,

    With the assistance of the Rhuthun (Ruthin) town council, we have set up a Trust Fund to assist us in honouring Tom Pryce in this the 30th anniversary of his untimely death in the 1977 South African Grand Prix. We seek assistance in raising funds to see this venture reach fruition in Tom’s hometown in Rhuthun (Ruthin) in Wales. We were wondering if you could advertise this on your website. We would be most appreciative.


    Members: Murray Bragg (Councillor), Bob Costain (Councillor), Cledwyn Ashford (boyhood friend), Gwyn Jones (Executive member of the Wales Association of Motor Clubs), Emlyn Williams (Cousin), Eddie Knipe (initiator of the project), David Richards (pending) – Gwyn is awaiting an answer from David as to whether he will head up this Trust.

    A bank account has been opened in the name of TOM PRYCE MEMORIAL FUND

    Natwest Bank in Ruthin (Rhuthun)

    SORT CODE 54 41 06

    ACCOUNT NUMBER 44541643

    Interested parties can donate towards the fund directly into the above account.

    Cheques to be made out to TOM PRYCE MEMORIAL FUND

    c/o Rhuthun Town Council, Town Hall, Rhuthun, LL15 1AS, Wales, UK

    A huge vote of appreciation to all who have contributed to this memorial fund.

    Please visit this website for further details pertaining to the intended memorial to Tom Pryce in Ruthin, Wales, 30 years after his untimely death in the South African Grand Prix at Kyalami in 1977.

    Thanking you sincerely
    Eddie Knipe
    Assistant Headmaster (The New Beacon School, Brittains Lane, Sevenoaks, TN13 2PB, Kent)

  4. ron pellatt
    21st July 2007, 22:44

    hi there, my name is Ron Pellatt ,if this is any help i was the chief mechanic with Tom when he drove the Lancia Stratos ,i did a lot of testing with Tom before the rally and got to know him and like him very much ,i left rallying to carry on with F1 with Copersucar, Emerson Fittipaldi’s team ,i used to meet with Tom at test’s and race meetings ,we would recall the the time he drove the stratos with fond memories,sad for me i was on the pit wall in south africa and was a witness to the accident which took his life and to this day it saddens me to lose someone i had the greatess respect for, i am still involved with F1 i have worked for Mclaren F1 for many years now,i am also still in touch with Dave Richards,so if i can be of any help to the memorial please get in touch mob # 07899938500

  5. Thanks Ron – will get hold of you when I’m back in UK – am in South Africa until the 21st August. Good to hear such positive things about Tom Pryce – much revered and thought of still after all these years. We’re hoping that David Richards will meet with trust members soon – know he is rather busy. We would obviously wish to have all plans in place to honour Tom in Ruthin before the end of this year – 30th year of his untimely death. I’ve had such positive feedback through the forum on autosport website and FiveBlackStripes website.
    Until later …….
    Best wishes

  6. alan stanway
    3rd January 2008, 9:38

    I am writing an article on Tom Pryce which will be published in the North Wales Living magazine. I am a published writer/photographer.
    I am trying to get reasonably hi-res images of Tom that have NOT come out of a book. Scans of printed shots always suffer when printed again so I wonder if you have any that could be used.
    The article is intended to both honour a forgotten (by many) son of Wales, and to highlight the campaign for his memorial. I am hoping to include personal comments from Sir Jackie Stewart and Ron Dennis.
    MAny thanks
    Alan Stanway

  7. Hi Alan, your best bet is to contact Eddie Knipe. Here’s his home page:

    Five black stripes (external)

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