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Lewis Hamilton, McLaren-Mercedes, Indianapolis, 2007No it’s not that promotional stunt from last week when he pranged the kart being sold for charity.

These are videos of F1’s rookie championship leader honing his craft in kart racing.

Hamilton wins from the back at Buckmore Park in a JICA class race in 1998. This was the year he was signed to the McLaren Driver Development Programme.

Three years later, a short from the BBC programme Blue Peter focuses on Hamilton’s karting progress. That season (2001) was his final year of karting before starting in Formula Renault that winter.

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3 comments on “More Hamilton kart videos”

  1. That first video shows where Lewis learned the business of staying in front. The lines he was taking into the corners were identical to those he chose when keeping Alonso back at Indy. And the moral seems to be that you can’t let him get ahead of you – if you do, he’ll stay there!

  2. I only got to be aware of Lewis Hamilton recently however I make use of his story to in spire boys to achieve.

  3. Wow! Welp, my daughter’s going karting now.

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