F1Fanatic nominated for ‘Best Sports Blog’ – please vote!

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The 2007 Weblog AwardsF1Fanatic has been nominated for the ‘Best Sports Blog’ award in the 2007 Weblog Awards. This is an international competition and very hard to win, so just getting a nomination is very satisfying, but of course I want to win it outright!

If you could spare a moment to vote for F1Fanatic I’d be very grateful.

You can vote once every 24 hours so, if you really want to help, you can vote again each day until the 8th November (i.e. seven times) as long as you don’t vote twice from the same computer in a 24 hour period.

And if you wanted to forward this on to anyone else who might help that would also be very nice…

It’s been a successful week with F1Fanatic being ranked in the top 100 UK blogs.

Thanks to everyone who helped nominate F1Fanatic for the Weblog Award last month.

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29 comments on “F1Fanatic nominated for ‘Best Sports Blog’ – please vote!”

  1. definately got my vote, up to 9 now, second place so far!

  2. That’s you up to 10…

  3. 18 when I voted – you have 25% of the vote and are in second place. Just one thing – I do not consider kissing Susy Kolber to be a sport; that’s more like fun in your free time! :D

  4. My vote put you up by one, 34-33, over Kissing Suzy Kolber. Glad to do my part.

  5. I just found your site 4 days ago. I just spent the last 4 days reading some of the best F1 articles I’ve ever seen. I read all the big F1 sites. Dont even know how I found you. But as far as Im concerned, this site is as good as it gets. Awesome job. Did I vote? You betcha.

  6. Darn, it appears the heavily trafficked sites are pulling away quite handily. It’s a shame, too, as most of the others are pitiful American sports rumor mills – equivalent to tabloids.

  7. “as most of the others are pitiful American sports rumor mills – equivalent to tabloids.”

    You know not of what you speak.

  8. Had a look at the at 3 leading sites – F1 at 4th at the moment of writing – first 2 are what I would call geeks sites – some of the content would not get past keith’s spammer!! – and the 3rd about american f’ball – well I think that it’s written by some of max’s boys as I cant understand a thing in it – definetly not as good as F1 – lets go for the moral standpoint here? – as well as votes of course

  9. You got my vote, you are the best!

    Ondrej, Czech Republic

  10. You are @ 65 after my vote

    I will vote every day – GOOD LUCK

  11. I’ve voted for you. Got to vote for the home side ;)

  12. From Kissing Suzy Kolber:

    F1 Fanatic: Look, we already lost a Bloggie to the **********, we don’t plan on going down to anymore Brits.


  13. Hold on, Unsilent Majority IS Kissing Suzy Kolber. Oh well.

  14. vote #72 That Kissing Suzy site is trash and it leads by a mile …..shows what’s wrong with modern civilization. Keith, Clive and Alainora are the BEST !!!

  15. Thanks very much for the support everyone! But there’s no need to trash-talk the other blogs.

    If you’re not winning and you take every opportunity to slag off someone who’s beating you, it doesn’t reflect very well on you. It’s certainly not the sort of thing an F1 driver would do…

  16. I voted for you as well, Keith. Vote #77

    I’ll vote everyday til end, this blog is that good.

  17. Vote #79. Will definately vote more. F1 may not be the most popular sport, but I don’t care – there will always be some, and probably more not, just support the cause and see what happens.

    All the best :)

  18. done, and will be done through the 8th- hey, a week off and nothing else to do, lucky both of us. but it does mean i can’t double vote because i won’t have the office set up.

  19. vote #148, good luck :-)

  20. I voted too, I’ve been away – hence also no F1 roundup.

    To be fair Kissing Susy Kolber is well known as a great blog. I love my sport more, and personally I think “go Keith go!” but on the other hand these things are very much about the popularity of the sport at the time.

    Keith, you do a great job, and I now often check your site before the official “news” sources. Better than those paid to do it, if that isn’t a recommendation then I don’t know what is. Love the site, and everything about it! Even my favourite lunatic commentators! (I’m not naming names)

  21. Let me put it this way. Kissing Suzy Kolber is the equivalent to the kind of filth that fills the radio dial with “Sports Talk” all across America. Full of angry, obese, narrow-minded Monday morning quarterbacks belching their way through another idiotic assessment of their local team. Likewise, the writers of the blog are just like Sports Radio hosts. Eating another bag of cheetos, they stumble through a macho diatribe about how much they love this athlete or that one. They endlessly debate the merits of a steroid-ridden baseball Home Run record. They idolize the loud-mouthed sports writers that are plastered across ESPN all day, which is just one giant shouting match. So don’t tell me I know not of what I speak. I know all too well the pathetic state of sports talk, sports columnists, sports blogs across America. Get another beer and go watch your favorite NASCAR driver as he goes around the oval for the 500th time and tell me how athletic you think he is.

  22. Hi every one! I’m new to this site as i only found it about a week ago and it is my favorite forum on the internet already (love the youtube clips linked). most of the comments are from real fans with some intelegance. i hope i add in a positive way too… although i’m new and will be voting in a minute, forgive me for saying, but i think it might not be a good thing for the site to get this kind of publicity because it will most likely just atract a lot of stupid posters that just crap on and destroy other sites. well good luck anyway..

  23. voted again- you are @ #233

  24. @ sam:
    Get back on the meds, son. I don’t know where that rant came from, but it has little to do with KSK. All we care about is writing the absolutely best NFL-related gay jokes on the Internet.

  25. Sam, your ignorance speaks volume. We at KSK are an American Football humor site. We do not engage in nonsensical debates or fret over the latest drama in the baseball world. Most importantly we would never ever watch Nascar or brag about a driver’s athleticism. Furthermore, we do not “idolize” loud-mouthed sports writers, we mock them mercilessly.

    However we do enjoy the occasional meal of cheetos and beer.

    Thanks for not reading.

  26. Hi Keith – well seems like voting ended early on weblog 2007 – been trying to add another vote fr you but keeps on coming up with connection error and have reset my computer and get any other site no probs – but still was it worth winning when you saw the comp – not saying as bad as sam? – but at least you were nominated – if at first,etc roll on 2008.

  27. yeah Alan you’re right,I guess we can’t vote anymore.

    But we gave it a go,and at least WE know where to go to talk F1 !!

  28. I *think* I managed to sneak a vote in under the wire – it certainly said it registered.

    Look at the result this way – Adrian Sutil didn’t win either, but people are queueing up to say nice things about him at the moment.

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