Video: BMW testing at Valencia

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Video: BMW testing at ValenciaHere are two new videos of BMW testing their new F1.08 at Valencia.

Robert Kubica is driving the car and you can clearly see him struggling to put the power down at the start of the second clip, as he wrestles with a car that has no traction control on a dusty track.

You can view the videos below and in the F1 video section.

3 comments on “Video: BMW testing at Valencia”

  1. I guess a large part of testing for all teams will be developing a degree of throttle response sensitivity to make wheel spin more manageable. With all that H.P. and torque available, I would guess more pedal play would be desirable, depending on drivers preferences.

  2. How did you get the videos to put on the site?Also I saw on the official F1 website a wierd wing like what they did with the twin towers at france(?) 2006.

  3. If you have put these video’s on the website – without fia permission Keith – then you should know the full weight of the president mr max the mad will fall on youre shoulders and if found guilty of SPYING!!!! – you will be tied up and roasted – at the next Ferari group barbeque – nice to see some footage of the new cars though – no matter who they are – thnks

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