How will reliability affect the title race?

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

In the last two seasons we’ve seen car failures at critical moment have a huge bearing on the championship: like Michael Schumacher’s engine failure at Suzuka in 2006, or Lewis Hamilton’s gearbox failure at Interlagos last year. Will another car failure change the course of the 2008 championship? Here’s a breakdown of how reliable each … Continue reading How will reliability affect the title race?

Japanese GP history 1976-1990 (Video)

Posted on | Author Journeyer

The F1 history class is back so sit up straight and pay attention – here’s Professor Journeyer with the first instalment of a three-part video guide to the Japanese Grand Prix. The Japanese Grand Prix can be best described in two words: championship showdown. Sure, some circuits may be more challenging, some may have better … Continue reading Japanese GP history 1976-1990 (Video)