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Toyota set to ditch F1 for Le Mans return?

“Toyota has suggested it could be preparing itself for a withdrawal from F1 – possibly to return to Le Mans.” Toyota to leave one form of motor racing it hasn’t won in yet for another?

Toyota re-affirms commitment to F1

“Toyota is committed to succeeding in Formula One for the long-term and our objective in Formula One is to win – we exist to win and we are committed to doing that.

However, we believe Formula One must remain a technological challenge; this is an important point for Toyota and provided this does not change we expect to continue in Formula One until at least 2012.

“Toyota has never hidden its interest in considering new motorsport opportunities, including Le Mans, currently no formal plan nor decision has been made on changes or additions to the current programmes.”

FIA pushes on with standard engine plan

“The FIA is pressing ahead with its plans for a standard engine in Formula One, after revealing on Monday that several parties have expressed an interest in applying for the tender.

“It is not clear which companies have expressed an interest in applying for the tender contract, but senior sources within FOTA claim an agreement is in place for none of the manufacturers currently involved in F1 to apply for the deal.” Is this what the ‘Toyota to quit’ rumours were all about? John Howett has been adamant about not wanting standardised engines in F1.

Downtown reality of where Lewis Hamiltons dreams were made

“I believe he has his own designated parking space at Asda, but I don’t suppose he’ll ever use it – bless his little cotton socks.”

Lewis Hamilton poised for historic F1 title win

“Britain has more world championship titles than any other country and Hamilton could become our ninth world champion. Mike Hawthorn was the first British driver to win the world championship, 50 years ago. Since then British racers have claimed 12 F1 titles. Jackie Stewart won three of them from 1969-1973.

“The next most successful country is Brazil, with three champions and eight championships. Felipe Massa is trying to become the first Brazilian since Ayrton Senna to win the F1 crown.”

The good and the great

“Either Massa or Hamilton will win the world championship, this we know, but are either of them great? Or merely very good? The jury is out on this one, for me at least, and will be for some time to come. Winning the championship will not instantly confer upon either man the mantle of greatness and this, I think, applies to the entire field with the possible exception of Fernando Alonso. For me, the Spaniard has the ingredients from which great drivers are created.” I often hear people complain the British press has it in for Fernando Alonso. I think articles like this show there is a lot of respect for his ability in Britain.

A hack looks back – on Brazil

“Although a couple of venomous websites have long had it in for James Allen as ITV’s lead race commentator, I find him both knowledgeable and authoritative. Yes, his forced cheeriness can be irritating at times, but he almost always susses out race strategies correctly and makes far fewer mistakes than Murray Walker used to do.”

Lewis Hamilton has learnt a lot. But is it enough asks James Allen

“F1 is very lucky that there are two or three outstanding racing drivers at the moment. [Hamilton] has some really tough competitors. Kimi Raikonen is brilliant on his day, but his motivation seems to have escaped him. Fernando Alonso is the best driver in F1 and Kubica and Hamilton are catching him up pretty quickly.”

Bernie gong fishing

“Ecclestone says he will propose the new idea at the next FIA World Council meeting. Points would be retained to decide the Constructors’ championship.” I’m all in favour: Bernie Ecclestone is right: ??Gold medals? would make F1 more exciting

LA Design Challenge 2008

“If you think that Formula One’s a bit dull, check out what the future of motor sport might look like.”

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  • 3 comments on “Links: Toyota to leave F1?”

    1. Ferrari are also “considering their position” in terms of a single-engine future….

    2. I don’t know much Rob, and you should never say never in F1 but I would be amazed if Ferrari ever agree to have someone else’s engine in their cars.

      If F1 becomes a single engine series then it would have to be a Ferrari engine otherwise there’d be no Ferrari team competing.

      Admittedly I’ve been wrong before and wouldn’t be surprised if I am again.

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