6 comments on “Christian Klien drives the BMW 2009 F1 test car”

  1. The nose looks like one off the Williams from 2003 was it? Montoya and Ralf were driving.

    The front and rear wings are pretty shocking, doesn’t look like a F1!

  2. Good lawd! What’s this?!!!
    This is ‘orrible!

  3. michael counsell
    17th November 2008, 19:28

    Its a prototype not the real thing. The aero doesn’t even look half done. I wouldn’t worry just yet.

  4. im afraid this IS what an f1 car will look like trust me its just about finished as far as bodywork is concerned!!! teams have been forced to build cars like this thanks to the FIA REGS what on earth is going on with f1??????????

  5. F1 is supposed to be the pinnacle of automotive technology, but I believe F1 loses respect and credibility if its tech can never be used in a road car.
    Many readers will call me a Luddite, but I want to see F1 and ALL racecars able to be push-started without a laptop computer connected and when the oil and water are stone cold. That’s what real cars do.

    And make some rule that limits wings to one single plane at the front and no more than two at the back.

  6. The front wing looks like a snow shovel.

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